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The increasing demand for minimally processed food with high nutritional value is creating challenges for food manufacturers in terms of shelf life and in this series, examines some current trends in relation to mild heat treatments, barrier coatings, light damage inhibition methods and predictive modelling that can ensure stability and often extension of shelf life for food and drink products.

Fresh look: RPC packaging boosts shelf life for fruits

A fruit producer has poured its line of shelf-stable fruit products into jars combining shelf-life extension and increased shelf appeal.

AMERIPEN: Food waste costs US consumers $162bn annually

Food packaging can play a powerful role in preventing costly food waste around the globe, according to the sustainable packaging organization.

FDA, Kodak, and Sealed Air join intelligent packaging event

The AIPIA Congress will feature presentations by packaging, food, and government representatives to hammer out ways smart packaging can promote traceability, product security, sustainability, and more.

Signs point to smart packaging success: AIPIA

The Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association indicate the future looks bright for active and intelligent food packaging technologies.

Meat market: Active packaging boosts shelf life and profits

Recent market intelligence indicates use of active and intelligent packaging for meat products extends the useful life of the foods, while expanding the potential for profit.

Singing about foodborne pathogens is "Weird"

With his latest single, comedy genius "Weird Al" Yankovic has accomplished what is likely an industry first: climbing to the top of the charts with a song about foodborne pathogens.

Grenier seals the deal with reclosable pâté packaging

Neoplanta’s Patelina meat and fish pates pâtés have been launched in resealable, shelf-life extending cups, designed by Grenier Packaging International.

Packaging design inspiration gallery: SINGLE SERVE

Snacks, drinks, condiments, and other food and beverage favorites are fueling consumer demand for convenience with single-serve packaging. Here are some notable examples of one-shot containers seen on retail shelves.

Stay Fresh Foods doubles its HPP capacity

The producer—which specializes in health beverages, meats, and salads—is installing Avure equipment that will double its capacity for high-pressure processing toll services.

Top five flexible packaging trends

A leader from packaging provider Zip-Pak has offered his views on what trends are driving the flexible field.

Date-label confusion fuels food waste

Inconsistencies in food packaging date labeling leads to unnecessary waste, according to one former Trader Joe’s leader.

Top 11 advancements in food safety and quality

A veteran food scientist shares his views on the most important technological developments to hit the food safety and quality arena in recent decades.

The fruit, the whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit: Draco and TRU join on aseptically packaged ingredients

Draco Natural Products and TRU Aseptics are joining forces to produce a line of whole fruit and vegetable ingredients, housed in aseptic packaging.

Food processors are under increasing pressure not only to be leaner but also to be greener. In this series, we look at environmental management systems, how computer modelling can cut energy bills, ways to cut water usage by almost a third as well as the feasibility of recycling waste into energy.

In this special series looking at potential routes for food and plant contaminants, looks at the main causes of Listeria contamination in cheese plants as well as whole room disinfection methods, design errors that are resulting in equipment being vulnerable to pathogen attachment; and the impact of regulation on antimicrobial packaging.'s four part series on sustainable packaging lifts the lid on topics such as the search for a global defintion of the term; a weighing up of the pros and cons of source materials and their impact on product integrity; we analyse whether downgauging has had its day, and we also figure out how influential 'green' packaging is on a consumer's purchasing choices.

Insiders claim the take up of robotic technology in the food sector is set to steadily increase as processors are forced to seek further efficiency gains and demand could challenge that of the automotive industry within a decade. In this series, we examine why the sector has been slow to embrace the technology and forecast what future take up trends could be.

This year has been noted for a return to buoyancy in the market for beverage processing machinery and technology and in this climate of renewed growth, sticks its straw in the beer, soft drinks and aseptic juice categories to determine the current trends in beverage process control.

Nanotechnology has been a buzz word in the food industry for years but that has done little to turn ideas in a lab into commercially viable innovations. looks at barriers to investment, as well as developments from nano packaging enabling the use of lighter materials or boosting barrier properties to nano-coatings for the safety of processing equipment as well as the regulatory framework. reported on the latest developments that emerged from Anuga FoodTec 2009 for the food processing and packaging industries.