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In this special series looking at potential routes for food and plant contaminants, looks at the main causes of Listeria contamination in cheese plants as well as whole room disinfection methods, design errors that are resulting in equipment being vulnerable to pathogen attachment; and the impact of regulation on antimicrobial packaging.

Walmart leads the charge toward improved poultry safety (Part 1)

To better protect its customers against foodborne illnesses, Walmart announced it is beefing up its poultry safety guidelines for US suppliers. 

FSIS issues cost/benefit analysis of expanding E.coli testing in ground beef

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is looking to expand its E. coli testing of ground beef and ground beef components. Toward that end, USDA’s Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) is seeking public comments on its latest analysis of the costs and benefits of additional testing.

Foster Farms shares data management tips that cut Salmonella rates to less than 5%

Just four months after closing the book on a 16-month long Salmonella outbreak, Foster Farms is touting incidence rates below 5% and offering its recipe for success.

Endocrine disruptor criteria aim in EC consultation

A consultation to help define criteria for endocrine disruptors has been launched by the European Commission.

Thermo Fisher Scientific backs food safety chemistry course

The food safety and quality analysis company is lending support to a specialized chemistry seminar program at a North Carolina university.

BioLargo ramps up food safety system

The company is joining with Clarion Water to broaden the reach of its Isan disinfection technology system, which has won recognition from DuPont.

McCormick oregano recalled due to Salmonella threat

The spice giant is recalling containers of its Ground Oregano product after tests turned up possible Salmonella contamination.

Head of the class: School offers food processing courses

Genesee Community College (GCC) is poised to kick off its fall semester, welcoming students looking for a lucrative career in food production.

Applegate recalls 15,000 lbs. of chicken nuggets

The poultry producer has recalled several tons of frozen chicken nuggets under its Applegate Naturals brand after consumers complained of plastic particle contamination.

3M outlines food safety evolution

While food safety technology is constantly evolving, the need for speed and accuracy remains constant.

Nut roaster cracks safety certification

Hickory Harvest Foods, a producer that makes roasted nut and dried fruit products, has attained SQF Level 2 safety certification.

UL joins with Green Endeavor on food sanitation

The two companies are partnering to develop safe, sustainable cleaning products and methods for food environments.

Chain reaction: Advion launches prep-free food testing method

The company’s line of compact mass spectrometers now offer a probe designed to save time by cutting the need for sample preparation.

DuPont launches all-in-one food safety program

DuPont has launched Detect + Protect, a service program that puts in the hands of food producers the ability to gauge, monitor, and control the safety of their products and operations.

Dishonor roll: India and China are the world’s worst food safety violators

A rundown of the number of food safety violators around the globe finds India and China are the countries with the highest number of offenses.

Wawona Packing expands fruit recall out of Listeria concerns

Wawona Packing is broadening its voluntary recall of packaged fruits sold to Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and other US retailers, out of concern for Listeria contamination.

Clean scene: IAFP hones in on food safety

The International Association for Food Protection will feature workshops, presentations, and technologies for safety-minded professionals all along the supply chain.

US and Mexico align on produce safety

Food safety officials from the US and Mexico have announced plans to unite on increasing the safety of fresh and minimally processed foods.

Smooth sailing: Key conveyors add contaminant-resistant stainless steel

Key Technology has reworked its vibratory conveyors with a stainless-steel rotary finish to resist bacterial attachment.

Bird is the word: CMS and UGA tackle poultry processing safety

The antimicrobial specialist is teaming up with scientists at the University of Georgia on technology to increase the safety of secondary poultry processing environments.

Inspectors shut down meat processing plant

Food safety inspectors have ordered the closure of a meat and poultry facility after inspectors found 136 different safety and sanitation violations at the site.

Six Evol Foods employees sickened by carbon monoxide

Half a dozen staffers at the company’s frozen food processing plant have been sickened by carbon monoxide emissions.

Sysco penalized $19.4m for unrefrigerated food storage

Food distribution giant Sysco has been ordered to pay nearly $20m in restitution for keeping perishable food in unrefrigerated storage.

Singing about foodborne pathogens is "Weird"

With his latest single, comedy genius "Weird Al" Yankovic has accomplished what is likely an industry first: climbing to the top of the charts with a song about foodborne pathogens.

General Mills certifies food safety laboratory

The consumer packaged food giant has approved ABC Research Laboratories as one of its certified food safety testing providers.

Pumped up: Mettler-Toledo metal detectors withstand tough food environments

Mettler-Toledo Safeline has introduced metal detectors designed to eradicate metal contaminants from a range of food products.

Aim high: Dynamic launches vertical food-grade conveyor

The vertical DynaClean Z conveyor is geared toward food operations needing to move product over significant heights.

Continental Carbonic freezes food contaminants with dry ice

By eliminating water from the cleaning process, the company's dry-ice blasting technology avoids downtime and reduces the risk of harmful bacterial growth.

Bühler Aeroglide cracks the code on peanut safety

Food scientists at Bühler Aeroglide report they have come up with a method to dry-roast peanuts that significantly reduces the risk of Salmonella contamination.

Safe sipping: Juice Tyme lands GFSI safety certification

Beverage producer Juice Tyme has received Food Safety System Certification 22000 from benchmarking group the Global Food Safety Initiative.

Niagara Bottling taps into safety software

Niagara Bottling, a bottled water producer, is incorporating quality management software to increase the safety at its plant.

MidWest Foods upgrades video surveillance to guard food safety

Midwest Foods, a large US food distributor, has installed a video surveillance system to ensure the safety of its products and workers.

FMI: Food traceability requires a common language

For traceability to work, food industry stakeholders must create and share a common language on safety and sourcing, according to one industry expert.

Laugh if you want, but the food supply is safer than ever

The satirical specialists at The Onion might make food recall jokes at the expense of the FDA, but the safety of the US food supply is seriously better than ever.

IFT: CDC is “raising the bar” on food safety technology

One food safety expert says federal US food safety agencies have made a few missteps down the road to a safer food supply, but many of their achievements deserve applause.

GS1: Traceability is tops in food safety

The global standards organization is stressing the importance of improved traceability in the food supply chain worldwide, to keep consumers safe and regulators happy.

Top 11 advancements in food safety and quality

A veteran food scientist shares his views on the most important technological developments to hit the food safety and quality arena in recent decades.

Meat processor hit with $121K in OSHA fines

Acadian Fine Foods, which specializes in producing meat and poultry products, has been cited for 16 safety and health violations by OSHA, carrying up to $121,660 in fines.

Kraft recalls Velveeta from Walmart stores

The food firm is recalling a batch of the cheese product due to insufficient levels of sorbic acid, a shortcoming that could lead to foodborne illness or spoilage.

Thermo Scientific expands offerings in $14bn food safety testing market

The analytical technology company is launching a number of products geared toward food safety and quality, including a gas chromatography/mass spectrometry unit designed to deliver fast results.

IFT tackles food safety, speed, and efficiency

Attendees at the upcoming IFT 2014 conference and expo will be treated to a broad range of technologies promising increased safety, sustainability, and convenience.

Carbon monoxide sickens food processing workers

Nearly two dozen staff at Keybrand Foods were taken to hospital after a carbon monoxide leak at the processing facility.

Are there gaps in your safety program?

red24assist has launched a web-based tool designed to enable food professionals to locate shortfalls in their safety programs.

FMI Connect links safety in the food supply chain

FMI Connect, the annual food event, is focusing on technology and services that increase the safety of food across the supply chain.

Ammonia leak injures three Farmland workers

An ammonia leak at a Farmland Foods pork processing facility has injured three employees, one seriously.

RGF recommends air offense against food pathogens

Sanitizing surfaces to eradicate food pathogens is only half the battle, according to one expert; airborne pathogens also must be dealt with for a safe food supply.

Dry-ice blasting stops food pathogens cold

Continental Carbonic promises a way to clean food production equipment with less water and faster results than conventional methods.

Group sues USDA to act on antibiotic-resistant Salmonella

A watchdog group is suing to get the agency to treat anti-biotic resistant strains of Salmonella as adulterants in meat.

Portable detector sniffs out spoiled food

PERES, a portable app-based device, tests meat and poultry for freshness, sounding an alert when spoilage is detected.

Producer takes swift action in 7-ton hummus recall

A hummus producer explains the company’s quick reaction to a positive Listeria test and lessons learned in its first-ever recall.

Ammonia leak shutters produce plant

A produce processing plant has evacuated more than 100 staff, and sent 14 to the hospital, due to a possible ammonia leak.

Listeria woes behind 7-ton hummus recall

Food processing firm Lansal is voluntarily recalling hummus manufactured for Target and Trader Joe’s due to Listeria concerns.

Weigh in on FDA food import rules

Food firms only have a few more days to weigh in on a rule requires companies to give a heads up on imported edibles; an expert from SGS offers advice on the particulars and the potential impact on processing firms worldwide.

Kraft recalls 1.2m cases of cottage cheese

Cottage cheese under the Kraft Foods brand umbrella is being voluntarily recalled after ingredients were discovered to be stored outside of safe temperature parameters.

Ammonia leaks shut down Maple Leaf plant

Two ammonia leaks have caused the shutdown and evacuation of a Maple Leaf Foods plant and sent one person to the hospital.

ITW launches ‘chameleon’ sanitation towels

Sertun hand and surface sanitation towels from ITW change colors to indicate when they contain insufficient sanitizing chemicals.

Dataloggers are a hot ticket for pathogen prevention

Advanced tools for monitoring temperature of food products in processing environments, during transit, and at retail can keep dangerous foodborne illness from taking hold, according to CAS DataLoggers.

Pathogen testing fuels a need for speed

Saving time required to conduct pathogen tests means safer food and better operational efficiency, according to Romer Labs.

Greens producer lands 100% on safety audit

Hollandia Produce, which specializes in leafy greens and ‘living’ lettuce, has earned a perfect score on a certification audit offered by Azzule Systems.

Keep calm and carry on with your safety plan

Minimizing risk from foodborne illness is a matter of crafting an effective safety plan, and maximizing control along the supply chain, according to one expert.

Food Safety Summit outbreak is no laughing matter

People all over social media are having a field day with the news of a foodborne illness striking a food safety event—but pathogens are no joke.

The plot sickens: More than 100 Food Safety Summit attendees fall ill

An investigation into a foodborne illness during the recent Food Safety Summit has confirmed more than 100 attendees were taken ill after the event.

Aus and NZ must have guts to nuke alien invaders

Isolated from the rest of the world, New Zealand and Australia are critically at risk from alien invaders of the most threatening kind: biological pests from overseas that prey on the countries’ indigenous and vulnerable agricultural produce.

Kraft recalls 96K pounds of wieners

Kraft Foods is recalling 96,000 pounds of hot dogs because the meat products may contain allergens not listed on the packaging label.

Hormel applauds Avure for HPP technology

Hormel Foods has recognized high-pressure processing technology firm Avure with its Spirit of Excellence Award.

Foodborne illness strikes Food Safety Summit attendees

Four people who attended the recent Food Safety Summit conference and exhibition reportedly have been stricken with a foodborne pathogen.

Is the Food Safety Summit worth the trip?

The Food Safety Summit is just one of an astounding amount of food events dedicated to sanitation, quality, testing, and other industry issues—examining the show's features can help weigh the benefits of attending.

RF technology kills bugs and pathogens in food

Equipment from RF Biocidics harnesses radio frequency technology to disinfect, disinfest, and pasteurize food products, without chemicals.

Hot sauce processor declared a ‘public nuisance’

The embattled producer of sriracha, a popular hot sauce, has 90 days to contain fumes emitted by its processing plant, or the city could shut the operation down.

Listeria test scores AOAC-RI certification

Following a pilot with ConAgra and other clients, Sample6's DETECT/L enrichment-free pathogen diagnostic for Listeria has been awarded AOAC certification from the organization’s Performance Tested Methods program.

Foster Farms salmonella woes continue

A salmonella outbreak tied to tainted chicken is rolling on more than a year after the first reported incident, with 500+ consumers reportedly falling ill.

Improper pest management bugs food safety managers

Insects might be small, but they can cause big problems in a food processing operation if they are not properly dealt with, says the USDA.

Wisdom trumps washing in effective sanitation programs

Thorough staff training is more important to a food sanitation program's chances of success than the chemicals used to clean equipment, according ChemStar.

Food technologies wage war against pathogens

Novel technologies like high-pressure processing can win the war to lengthen shelf life and eradicate foodborne illness, according to industry experts.

Catch food fraud before it happens

Food fraud must be dealt with swiftly and seriously to prevent harm to consumer health, according to one industry expert.

Food safety training must evolve to succeed

Keeping up with ever-changing regulatory requirements and increasingly complex processing environments requires an evolved approach to safety training, according to one industry expert.

Hormel: Food sanitation is everyone's business

The cleanliness of a food operation should be a top priority to everyone in the industry, according to Hormel Foods.

Tyson recalls 75,320 pounds of chicken nuggets

Tyson Foods is voluntarily recalling 75,320 of frozen, cooked chicken nuggets after consumers reported finding plastic contaminants in the food.

Consumers demanding more ‘free’ foods

Food processing and packaging firms are increasingly impacted by consumers’ desire to avoid gluten, dairy, soy, and other ingredients, according to Packaged Facts.

Food Safety Summit gives ‘invaluable’ hands-on experience

The annual Food Safety Event brings together brand owners, food processors, and other professionals to tackle top safety problems and concerns.

Listeria scare shuts down seafood plant

The FDA has ordered Jensen’s Old Fashioned Smokehouse to close its doors after the seafood processor tested positive for the presence of Listeria monocytogenes.

JBT: Get equipment sanitation down cold

One food technology expert says it is more important than ever for processing firms to keep their equipment up to stringent safety standards.

MOCON: Automation essential in testing technology

MOCON has launched an oxygen permeation testing system that meets increased demand for automation and rapid results.

Positive Listeria tests prompt broad recall

A producer that makes private-label foods for Walmart, Target, and other high-profile retailers is initiating a widespread recall of its food products after inspectors turned up positive tests for Listeria monocytogenes at its plant.

Canned food ups fruit and vegetable intake

The use of cans in food packaging boosts fruit and vegetable intake, increases nutritional benefits, and makes edibles safer.

Food science and safety take center stage at conference

The International Conference and Exhibition on Food Processing and Technology, produced by OMICS, gives food professionals a platform to explore and share wisdom on safety and quality issues.

FSIS fires back at inspector shortage charges

A New York Times article alleging staff gaps at the agency are causing a boom in food product recalls is not true, according to one FSIS leader.

FooDS tracks top trends for food firms

Market research from Oklahoma State University delivers data on consumer preferences and behavior, to help food manufacturers plan for future production.

Meyer: Food conveyors are getting leaner and cleaner

Regulations and food firms alike are causing conveyor manufacturers to step up their game in the sanitation department.

Mettler Toledo: Simplicity is the future of the food lab

Evolving demands and stepped-up regulations are pushing food safety analytical technology toward greater precision and increased ease of use, according to Mettler Toledo.

Speedy sanitation guards against deadly downtime

Downtime is death for food producers; according to one conveyor expert, making sanitation quick and easy can save the day.

Pittcon puts food safety under the microscope

Pittcon brought food laboratories to the forefront for a week; is the annual technology exhibition worth the trip?

LSD-laced beef from Walmart sickens family

Beef purchased at Walmart and sourced from Walmart reportedly was laced with LSD, sickening the family that ate the meat for dinner.

Life Technologies: Foodborne illness hits 1 in 6 Americans

Growing concerns about foodborne illness, waste, and feeding a booming global population are placing increasing demands on food testing, according to Life Technologies.

Thermo Scientific: Testing equipment must be better, faster, stronger

Thermo Scientific representatives say in the face of growing demands on food laboratories and stepped-up regulatory requirements, analytical staff must deliver top-notch performance and technology to keep up.

Cargill meat testing thinks outside the box

When Cargill Media Solutions needed to test a significant number of samples, they opted for ready-to-use liquid culture media to save time and effort.

Accelrys: Food labs demand mobility, flexibility, and automation

Food technology firms like Accelrys are launching mobile products designed to connect equipment, data, and staff.

Microtrace: Food contaminants can be murder

A food sleuth from Microtrace says proper analysis of contaminants found in food and beverage products is crucial to preventing an incident from becoming a full-blown crisis.

Ocean Optics: There’s “room for improvement” in food safety

A representative of analytic technology firm Ocean Optics says while technology related to testing for food safety and quality has advanced, more needs to be done.

AIB: Food companies require a strong safety culture

A representative of AIB International says that building a strong safety program requires a cultural connection among food operation personnel.

Cargill & Tyson Foods bring food safety to the fore

A trio of industry leaders recently gathered in a battle of wits, presented in a game-show format, to see whose knowledge of crucial food safety issues is the most impressive.

Danone: How will we feed 9bn people?

A Danone France leader says providing a growing planet with a safe, sufficient food supply down the road is a challenge the industry must meet now.

RPA strengthening sanitation for reusable plastic containers

The Reusable Packaging Association is bringing together industry members to hammer out stronger sanitation guidelines for reusable food containers.

Allergen-friendly snacks crunch into smart packaging

Zego, a manufacturer of allergen-friendly snack bars, has launched wrappers and boxes with QR codes enabling consumers to keep tabs on allergen products.

Hand hygiene ‘essential’ to food facilities

A food science specialist says ensuring an effective safety program at any food processing environment involves one key ingredient: its people.

Nestlé recalls Hot Pockets after meat scare

Nestlé USA is voluntarily recalling varieties of its Hot Pockets frozen sandwiches, for fear the meat inside might be tainted.

Walmart: Food safety awareness at ‘an all-time high’

The food safety guru of the world’s largest retailer told FoodProductionDaily the 2014 Global Food Safety Conference comes at a time when food safety concerns are at a pinnacle.

FDA squelches BPA ‘low dose’ theory

Data from the Food and Drug Administration adds weight to packaging industry claims of BPA’s fitness as a food-contact material.

Mettler Toledo: FSMA drives detection tech evolution

Regulatory efforts such as the Food Safety Modernization Act mean food manufacturers are demanding greater flexibility and stepped-up performance from metal detection gear.

US recalls 8.7m pounds of ‘unwholesome’ beef

A California beef processor is in hot water with the USDA for processing “diseased and unsound” animals without federal inspection.

Antimicrobial worth its weight in silver

Biotechnology firm PURE Bioscience has launched an antimicrobial product that uses silver to efficiently and safely sanitize food surfaces.

Is the US poultry industry a cause for alarm?

Salmonella outbreaks are raising red flags over the safety of the poultry supply; however, according to one expert, there may be less reason to worry than we think.

Tomra: ‘People expect their food to be perfect’

Tomra Sorting Solutions is showcasing food sorting and analyzing technology, geared toward meeting consumers’ expectations, at IPPE 2014.

Maintenance program targets certified food firms

The Pacific Sunrise Ventures Gold Star Food Safety Maintenance Program is designed for HACCP- and GFSI-certified operations.

Event tackles critter contamination of food

Pest management is an increasing safety concern for food professionals; one event is geared toward eliminating the threat from creeping, crawling and flying contaminators.

Gusto recalls 67K lbs of ham in listeria scare

Gusto Packing is recalling 67,113 lbs. of spiral-sliced ham due to possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination.

Food processing firm fined $19k for ammonia leak

SunOpta Foods, a producer that specializes in organic packaged foods and ingredients, will pay $19K for failure to properly report an ammonia leak at its processing facility.

Stretch film puts the wraps on contamination

Detectamet has introduced stretch wrap that can be picked up with metal detection equipment, cutting the odds of food product contamination.

Free food safety training

Succeed Management Solutions and the Northwest Food Processors Association have teamed to launch a free, web-based tool to arm food professionals with valuable safety training.

HACCP certification key to FSMA compliance

With regulations like the Food Safety Modernization Act requiring higher safety and sanitation standards, HACCP certification is an important step in ensuring an operation passes muster.

Key Tech adds ‘cruise control’ to optical sorters

Key Technology has added a sort-to-grade feature to its various G6 optical sorters.

Hip, hip, hooray—we just topped 4K!

The team of FoodProductionDaily has something to celebrate—the number of industry professionals following us on Twitter just passed the 4,000 mark.

Eriez metal detection aims for product purity

Eriez pairs metal detectors with magnetic separators, creating systems aimed for processing operations looking to safeguard product purity.

Fascinating food stories of 2013

Private-label packaging, kids' products, odorous hot-sauce emissions—2013 was a fascinating year for anyone following the food industry. Here are some of the most interesting stories from the perspective of a FoodProductionDaily editor.

CDC makes merry with food safety chat

The US Centers for Disease Control celebrated the joyous season by leading an online chat on keeping the holiday free from foodborne illness.

Tetra Pak launches arsenal of processing gear

Tetra Pak has introduced equipment geared toward processing soups, sauces, fruit and infant foods.

Month-long cooling off ordered for sriracha maker

The makers of a popular sauce, already in hot water with city officials, have been told to cool it on shipments for a month

Industry group offers assistance in understanding food safety

While many questions remain about the Food Safety Modernization Act, one industry expert advised that the time to start putting plans in place is upon us.

Coca-Cola goes green and clean with SafeWater sanitation

The Coca-Cola Co. is harnessing electrolyzed water sanitation technology from SPX to boost safety and sustainability at its plants.

Scenes from PROCESS EXPO 2013, part one

PROCESS EXPO, produced by the Food Processing Suppliers Association, offers industry professionals a chance to take in emerging technologies, discuss trends and taste upcoming flavors. Here are some of the sights and sounds from this year's event.

PROCESS EXPO peeks at $53bn equipment market

PROCESS EXPO 2013 will showcase recent equipment releases from hundreds of industry vendors.

CFSAN back to business post-shutdown

A US Food and Drug Administration representative reports that two weeks after the government shutdown, the country’s food safety system is back to business as usual.

FDA back to work post-shutdown

Slashed in half by the US government shutdown, the full workforce of the FDA is back on the job.

Producer behind salmonella outbreak to stay open

A poultry producer tied to a multi-state salmonella outbreak will remain open, according to the US Department of Agriculture.

CDC staff nearly restored to tackle salmonella outbreak

Whittled away by the US government shutdown, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is back to nearly full force to monitor a multistate salmonella outbreak.

Thermo Fisher X-rays kill dreaded product waste

Thermo Fisher Scientific's contamination detection technology is engineered to arrest foreign object intrusion to avoid costly product waste and dreaded recalls.

FDA center outlines priorities for road ahead

The Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition’s priorities for the coming year include cutting foodborne illness and speeding up recalls.

AOAC meeting cracks down on hard food issues

At its annual meeting, AOAC International has set a stage for food scientists, testing suppliers, and brand owners like Pepsico and Kraft Foods to tackle crucial topics.

High-pressure processing fights food contamination

All Natural Freshness, a high-pressure processing company, reports their technology can prevent contamination and avoid costly product recalls.

Symphony tackles threat of antibiotic-resistant bugs

Symphony Environmental Technologies has developed anti-bacterial and anti-fungal formulations which can be put into plastic products during manufacturing, claiming it will help prevent the spread of infection.

Coke admits Atlanta city may seek wastewater damages

The Coca-Cola Company revealed yesterday that City of Atlanta regulatory authorities may seek monetary or other sanctions against it due to potential inaccuracies in wastewater reports submitted by its Atlanta syrup plant.

Listeria genome map will quicken food industry outbreak response: Genome Canada

Canada is backing a CAD $600,000 project to map the genome of Listeria and develop faster testing methods that will allow the industry to respond more quickly to food safety investigations.

Scathing government report questions FDA food recall data reliability

A hard-hitting government report says the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs to publicise its food safety recall procedures, and that is unclear how accurate the agency’s food recall data is.

Antimicrobial packaging helps in meat fight listeria - study

Anitmicrobial packaging can help food manufacturers in the battle against listeria in ready-to-eat meat products, according to a new scientific study.

Dioxin dietary exposure falls in Europe: EFSA report

A new EFSA report says that dietary exposure to dioxins and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), toxic chemicals that accumulate in the food chain, has decreased across Europe in recent years.

No deadly Legionnaires' link to distillery co-owned by Diageo and The Edrington Group

North British Distillery has come out fighting after being cited by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for alleged failures to adequately control the legionella risk posed by a cooling tower, as the executive investigates a deadly 'legion fever' outbreak in Edinburgh.

Stop monsters in their tracks with our 'unique' food safety technology: Swedish firm

Sven Bodell, president, Food Radar Systems, told Ben Bouckley that the firm's unique microwave technology was the only show in town to detect previously invisible foreign bodies in pumpable foods, and that the system might also appeal to producers of beverages with pulp or other pieces in.

Day Two: Relive Anuga FoodTec 2012 in pictures

Relive the best of the action from day two of the major processing and packaging show ongoing in Cologne, Germany this week.

Novel dairy waste disposal process offers significant savings on anaerobic digestion, UK firm

Lindhurst Engineering has successfully tested microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology to help dairy processors dispose of waste streams and generate energy, and MD Martin Rigley told Dairy that an installation could cost 75% less than its anaerobic digestion equivalent.

Something is rotten in the state of Indian gelatine controls, FVO audit suggests

The European Commission (EC) has released a scathing audit report on the Indian gelatine industry, and said its visit late last year revealed“very little progress" since the last mission in 2008 regarding improving substandard legislative and safety controls for exports.

Miracle metal could usher in food safety revolution, scientist

Copper could usher in a food safety revolution within processing plants, according to the author of a new study that revealed the metal’s impressive ability to kill deadly E.coli pathogens.

Consumers need advice update on potential killer toxoplasmosis, ACMSF

The UK Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) Advisory Committee of the Microbiological Safety of Food (ACMSF) is seeking stakeholder views on its draft report relating to toxoplasma in the food chain.

Tainted milk and website prompt Mengniu share slide

Shares in China's largest dairy producer Mengniu Dairy Co.slumped at the end of last year, following a new scandal over milk tainted with a cancer-causing chemical and a violation of the firm's website by hackers who claimed it was "doing harm to its own people".

Fraunhofer develops x-ray alternative for food inspection

Researchers have developed technology using millimeter waves that could allow food manufacturers to examine finished products through packaging and give advantages over x-ray detection, the current preferred method.

New DEHP water limit will not cost consumers: FDA

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) insists its new maximum allowable levels for the chemical di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) in bottled water will not raise costs for consumers.

Active and intelligent packaging regs - evolution and innovation

New active and intelligent packaging rules and guidelines introduced last year across Europe should bring much-needed clarity to the sector and pave the way for innovation, said one expert as he set out how the system could work in practice.

Poor equipment design compromising food safety, EHEDG

Misinterpretation of fundamental criteria for the hygienic design of equipment by designers is resulting in incorrect installation of parts such as valves and sensors at the initial design stage of new food processing equipment and leaves processors exposed to contaminant threats, claims the EHEDG.

Ozone and vapour proving to be best in class for food pathogens

New research from the UK shows that whole room disinfection techniques are more effective that traditional chemical fogging, and while take up by food processors is relatively low, suppliers claim demand will accelerate based on industry recognition of the need to innovate to tackle new microbe strains and other food safety challenges.

Plant design and personal hygiene crucial to reducing listeria risk

Cheese contamination has hit the headlines in recent weeks after Austrian authorities linked seven listerioisis deaths to Prolactal cheese. In light of this news, food safety expert Dr. Eleftherios H. Drosinos explains how risk of contamination from Listeria monocytogenes can be minimised in cheese processing.

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