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Nanotechnology has been a buzz word in the food industry for years but that has done little to turn ideas in a lab into commercially viable innovations. looks at barriers to investment, as well as developments from nano packaging enabling the use of lighter materials or boosting barrier properties to nano-coatings for the safety of processing equipment as well as the regulatory framework.

Diabetic 'health honey' a reality thanks to nanotechnology and stevia

A new hybridised pollen, developed by a former Nasa scientist, can be fed to bees to create a new species of “designer honey” for use by diabetics.

FDA, Kodak, and Sealed Air join intelligent packaging event

The AIPIA Congress will feature presentations by packaging, food, and government representatives to hammer out ways smart packaging can promote traceability, product security, sustainability, and more.

Bright spot: CTI launches light-changing packaging inks

Chromatic Technologies has launched a line of photochromic inks, suitable for food and beverage packaging, which change when exposed to sunlight.

Intelligent design: eAgile launches RFID smart packaging

The company’s eSeal RFID packaging technology is designed to increase the security of food products, and facilitate traceability.

Signs point to smart packaging success: AIPIA

The Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association indicate the future looks bright for active and intelligent food packaging technologies.

Get smart: Active packaging demand in US to hit $3.5bn

Increased demand for food safety and shelf life is fuelling growth in active and intelligent food packaging technologies, according to one industry leader.

Does your food packaging grab consumers?

PMMI and the Food Marketing Institute are partnering on an event designed to give food firms and retailers ways to harness the power of packaging to succeed on store shelves.

Diversey Consulting: How fit is your safety program?

Manufacturing safety/sanitation outfit Diversey Consulting says an effective food safety program requires going beyond documents in a binder and occasional classes.

US intelligent packaging demand to hit $3.5bn by 2017

High-tech bells and whistles like moisture control, temperature sensors and printed electronics are fueling increased demand for active and intelligent packaging in the US.

Hip, hip, hooray—we just topped 4K!

The team of FoodProductionDaily has something to celebrate—the number of industry professionals following us on Twitter just passed the 4,000 mark.

Nanoparticles boost barrier properties of plastic film

Tera-Barrier Films (TBF) has invented a plastic film using an encapsulated nanoparticle layer that it claims will bridge the gap between aluminium foil and transparent oxide films.

FPD serves up hot industry topics in 2014

Automation, sustainability, shelf-life extension, smart packaging and other technologies are some of the items FoodProductionDaily has planned for the year.

NanoBarrier targets improved bioplastics for food packaging

NanoBarrier is bidding to improve and modify bioplastics using nanotechnology to boost properties to compete with traditional oil-based plastics.

PROCESS EXPO serves up high-tech food education

PROCESS EXPO is joining forces with top science schools to offer education focused on HPP, nanotechnology and other food manufacturing topics.

Berkeley Lab investigates stronger polymer nanocomposites

Precise measurement of the tensile strength of polymer fibres with minimal impact on their properties has been mooted by US researchers.

EU launches consultation on nanomaterials

The European Commission has launched a public consultation to clarify how nanomaterials are addressed and safety is ensured.

Bio-nanocomposites need improvement to match conventional packaging, says research

Bio-nanocomposite packaging materials have a bright future but are not yet at the level of petroleum-based plastics, according to a review article.

Nan-no or nan-yes for nanotechnology in packaging?

Nanomaterials and their use in food and packaging has been a constant source of debate which has intensified recently with a number of arguments on both sides put forward.

Nanomaterials knowledge gaps highlighted

The possibility of a ‘Trojan Horse Effect’ of nanomaterials (NMs) needs more research, according to a study identifying knowledge gaps in the risk assessment of the substance.

Migration factors of nanosilver in PVC packaging studied

Migration levels of nanosilver into PVC packaging are below conventional migrant limits but the effects of nanoscale particles remains unclear, according to a study.

German agencies attempt to tackle nanomaterials in EU regulation

Three German government agencies have developed a proposal for amending European chemical regulation for nanomaterials.

Industry needs to be more open about nanomaterial use, says As You Sow

A US not-for-profit organisation has slammed the “murky issue” around potential risks of nanomaterial use and pledged to test products to assess their safety.

Partnership aims to assess nanomaterial safety

Two US agencies are working together in a research effort to assess the potential impact of nanomaterials on people’s health and the environment.

Unknown fears thwart European active packaging adoption as Asia leads the way

Europe lags five to eight years behind Asia in its adoption of active and intelligent packaging (AIP) technologies, with consumer fear and legislation the biggest obstacles to implementation, according to the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association (AIPIA).

Nano risk assessment a work in progress

The risk assessment framework for nanotechnology in Europe – like so much else connected to the technology – appears to be in its infancy but developing at a rapid pace.

Food sector and R&D need to chew the nano fat for wider take-up: analyst

The benefits for nano-packaging, showing how it can overcome current food and drink industry challenges in terms of shelf life, distribution or sustainability, need to become more apparent in order to ensure widespread commercial implementation, says an industry insider.

Is the food processing industry poised to embrace nanocoatings?

Nanocoatings on food processing equipment hold huge potential for boosting safety and performance but lingering doubts and cost concerns among industry players are hampering take up, said an expert

Markets: Nanotech food struggles to graduate from the lab

Nanotechnology has been a buzz word in the food industry for years but that has done little to turn ideas in a lab into commercially viable innovations.

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