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Plant efficiency

Food processors are under increasing pressure not only to be leaner but also to be greener. In this series, we look at environmental management systems, how computer modelling can cut energy bills, ways to cut water usage by almost a third as well as the feasibility of recycling waste into energy.

Dow software helps food and beverage firms optimize water system design

In food and beverage manufacturing, water quality can significantly affect both the process and the product. Soon, manufacturers will have a tool to simplify evaluation and optimization of their water treatment systems.

Plastic Technologies launches PET bottle energy initiative

Plastic Technologies Incorporated (PTI) is launching an initiative to help manufacturers that blow PET bottles cut energy costs. 

Put down the pen, pick up a tablet! Virtual factories and augmented reality in Sidel training centres

Sidel Services has opened a training centre in Guadalajara, Mexico that includes a virtual factory, augmented reality, and a library of technical manuals accessible on tablet devices.

Goss packaging presses land technology honors

The company’s Sunday Vpak presses have been recognized with an InterTech Technology Award.

3M outlines food safety evolution

While food safety technology is constantly evolving, the need for speed and accuracy remains constant.

Fresh approach: Ready meals incorporate Cryovac cook-in-bag packaging

A line of high-end ready meals for health-conscious consumers has launched in packaging that enables food to be prepared, shipped, sold, and heated in the same pouch.

Food storage firm hits 12% energy savings

The oldest cold-storage company in the US has implemented an energy management plan that has put it on the path to cutting its power bills by 12%.

Chosen for frozen: Researcher awarded for food-freezing technology

The Frozen Food Foundation has saluted a Washington State food scientist with its fifth annual Freezing Research Award for advancing technology in the field.

Chain reaction: Advion launches prep-free food testing method

The company’s line of compact mass spectrometers now offer a probe designed to save time by cutting the need for sample preparation.

Watt’s gets a handle on efficiency with JDA software

A large food and beverage processing company in Chile has installed manufacturing planning software to streamline its end-to-end operations.

High and dry: Mettler Toledo moisture analyzer designed for ease of use

The HE53 halogen moisture analyzer from Mettler Toledo is intended to put rapid, reliable food moisture test results in the hands of even untrained operators.

Printpack opens 203,400-square-foot packaging plant

With the opening of its expanded and updated flexible packaging plant, the company is stepping up efforts to boost efficiency.

Movable feast: Cambridge open conveyor for meat and poultry

The DuraFlex Edge open-design conveyor belt is designed for lean, clean meat and poultry processing.

Tailor made: Custom food producer expands with ERP software

Surlean Foods, a producer specialized in custom products and dishes for food clients nationwide, is installing enterprise resource planning software from Deacom to facilitate and streamline expansion.

Support system: Videojet program gets the package coding ball rolling

The support program is designed to guide food packaging and processing operations through the ins and outs of effective use of coding and marking equipment.

Small stuff: Corn processing machines geared toward the little guys

Hughes Equipment is offering two small-scale corn processing machines designed for operations with lower capacity and smaller footprint than other processors.

Walmart, Trader Joe's fruit recalled in Listeria scare

A fruit packaging company is recalling peaches, plums, nectarines, and pluots due to contamination concerns; the recall is affecting Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Kroger, and other US retailers.

Sonoco reveals Consumer Packaging segment margin impacts

Consumer Packaging operating profits suffered in the quarter but some solid growth was achieved, according to Sonoco.  

Star Refrigeration scales up seafood processor chilling package

Seafood processor has Pinneys turned to Star Refrigeration for an upgraded refrigeration plant and chilling tunnel package to accommodate expanded product offerings and growing demand.

Shell game: Key launches digital sorter for fruit and nuts

Key Technology’s Cayman BioPrint digital sorter is suited for removing foreign material and defective product from nuts, dried fruit, and other ingredients.

WhiteWave pours into LEED-certified production facility

The beverage and food producer’s 325,000-square-foot facility has received LEED certification from the US Green Building Council.

Making a mark: Videojet laser codes on plastic and metal packaging

The Videojet 7510 fiber laser is designed to mark a range of packaging materials, including plastics and metals.

Modular system boosts efficiency at $20m processing facility

International Food Products has put in place an EPIC liquid processing system at its $20m production facility, designed to improve operational efficiency.

Aim high: Dynamic launches vertical food-grade conveyor

The vertical DynaClean Z conveyor is geared toward food operations needing to move product over significant heights.

Waste not, want not: Mouvex fights for food processing efficiency

With the launch of the Product Recovery Initiative, Mouvex is campaigning to deliver waste reduction capabilities in food processing operations.

Niagara Bottling taps into safety software

Niagara Bottling, a bottled water producer, is incorporating quality management software to increase the safety at its plant.

Videojet: Downtime is deadly in package printing

Because operational efficiency is king in food packaging and processing companies, equipment must minimize downtime and boost accuracy, according to Videojet.

MidWest Foods upgrades video surveillance to guard food safety

Midwest Foods, a large US food distributor, has installed a video surveillance system to ensure the safety of its products and workers.

Bürkert is ‘Apple-ising’ its technology to stay ahead of the game

Bürkert has developed an efficient device integration platform (EDIP) with a common user interface (büS) and digital communication, in an attempt to ‘Apple-ise’ its technology.

Antioxidant gets FDA thumbs up for food packaging

Addivant’s WESTON 705 liquid antioxidant has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration for food contact applications.

Pasta Montana: 'Japanese customers only accept zero-defect products'

Pasta Montana, which produces primarily for exacting food customers in Japan, has installed a Key Technology sorter.

Growth in HPP drives Avure expansion

The high-pressure processing firm is expanding to a new location to accommodate demand for the food and beverage production technology.

IFT tackles food safety, speed, and efficiency

Attendees at the upcoming IFT 2014 conference and expo will be treated to a broad range of technologies promising increased safety, sustainability, and convenience.

Coke gives back 108.5bn liters of water

Coca-Cola is boosting its sustainability profile by returning as much as 68% of the water it uses to the communities it was sipped from.

Ruiz Foods snaps up former Heinz plant

The producer has purchased the 225,000-square-foot Heinz frozen food plant to accommodate growing demand for its Hispanic cuisines.

Stand-up pouches offer stand-out appearance

Sandridge Food has launched a line of fresh soups and salads, with layered ingredients showcased in clear, flexible pouches.

Greif's Q2 hit by Turkish trouble

Greif’s Q2 financial results have been negatively impacted due to the occupation of a flexible products manufacturing facility in Hadimkoy, Turkey.

PMMI bolsters membership with processing

The packaging-centric group is adding processing machinery makers to its General Member roster.

Videojet: End-of-line labeling a frequent source of headaches

Jams, wonky applicators, broken ribbons, and other misfires on end-of-line food packaging label systems can bring an entire packaging operation to a screeching halt; one technology expert explains how to avoid such woes, and costly downtime.

Ease of use is a primary focus of secondary packaging

Secondary packaging machinery companies like Kliklok-Woodman work to meet food customer demands for high-performance equipment that is simple to operate.

HayssenSandiacre: Food firms need ‘future-proof’ packaging machines

Food packaging technology must be readily adaptable to ever-changing customer demands, according to one manufacturing expert.

TopTier: Palletizers have safety wrapped up

Food producers and packaging operations are demanding an increasing level of safety and flexibility, according to one secondary packaging expert.

Videojet: Humans cause 70% of product coding errors

Coding and marking equipment geared toward food packaging must keep up with the ever-changing demands placed on the food industry, according to one Videojet leader.

Pretium Packaging snapped up by Genstar

Pretium Packaging, which manufactures rigid bottles and containers for food and beverage applications, has been acquired by Genstar Capital.

Headwall inks deal with USDA on poultry inspection

Machine vision provider Headwall Photonics has formed a partnership with the USDA on technology for high-speed, in-line inspection of poultry.

Low-charge ammonia to hit US market

Azane is bringing low-charge ammonia refrigeration technology to American food processing, storage, and logistics companies.

Liqui-Box center engages packaging customers

Liqui-Box, a packaging company specializing in flexible and bag-in-box products, is opening its Center of Excellence at its production plant.

Food-grade lubricants stand up to processing applications

Sprayon has launched a line of NSF H1-rated lubricants, designed to operate in a range of food processing applications.

Food summit confronts sustainability challenges

The Sustainable Foods Summit brought Cargill, Unilever, Mondelez, Walmart, and other significant stakeholders to hammer out sustainability concerns.

City courts embattled sriracha producer

Labeled a “public nuisance” by the California plant currently hosting its hot sauce plant, Huy Fong Foods is being enticed to move to another California city with tax incentives, low water rates, and plentiful skilled labor.

PROCESS EXPO named to fast-growing show list

The biennial event has been ranked among the top fastest growing professional conferences, thanks to rising attendance and exhibit space.

Hormel applauds Avure for HPP technology

Hormel Foods has recognized high-pressure processing technology firm Avure with its Spirit of Excellence Award.

Key: Food sorting demands power and speed

Food sorting technology is evolving to meet producer demand for faster machines and precise performance, according to a Key Technology executive.

Automated food warehouse cuts energy by 80%

A producer specializing in Tetra Pak aseptic-packaged foods and beverages has opened its doors on an automated facility designed to boost efficiency and cut energy usage.

Siemens: Cost considerations move conveyor technology

Food firms are demanding cost efficiency, operational sustainability, and flexibility from their conveyors, according to Siemens.

Goya Foods fuels growth at PACK EXPO

Rapidly growing Latino foods producer Goya Foods is honing in on the latest technologies to fuel its expansion through connections made at PACK EXPO.

Videojet laser coders mark 150K packages per hour

Videojet has launched CO2 laser-marking units that can code up to 150,000 food packages per hour.

Hughes snapped up in food processing expansion plan

Hughes, a manufacturer of stainless-steel food processing equipment, has been acquired by a group with big plans to grow the business.

Goya Foods bets $250m on booming bean business

Hispanic-food producer Goya Foods has bolstered its business with four additional production facilities, as part of its $250m investment in global expansion.

Federal Mfg.: Filler fits the bill for high-speed beverage jobs

The manufacturer has released a compact, high-speed machine designed to fill and cap up to 450 1.75-L PET juice carafes per minute.

Taste for strong flavors fueling $800bn processed meat market

With consumers around the world increasingly hungry for high-protein edibles, sales of processed meats are climbing.

Food safety growing issue, says Twentebelt

Food safety is an issue that is getting more attention, according to Twentebelt.

PMMI outlines operational efficiency tool

A special PMMI group has hammered out the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Opportunity Calculator, giving processing and packaging firms a tool to pinpoint problem areas and improve their businesses.

Fire strikes ConAgra nut facility

A small fire broke out inside a snack nut roaster at a ConAgra-owned processing facility; no injuries were reported.

Speedy sanitation guards against deadly downtime

Downtime is death for food producers; according to one conveyor expert, making sanitation quick and easy can save the day.

Water system saves 25m gallons a year

Water is crucial in any food-related operation, but water systems don’t usually come to mind when plant managers look at improving operational efficiency.

Leclerc Foods to build $50m snack factory

Snack maker Leclerc Foods USA has snapped up a building in Arizona and plans to invest $50m to expand its operations.

The Packaging Conference: Is it worth the trip?

Insights from Pepsico, Kraft, Coca-Cola, and other industry players add to the value of The Packaging Conference.

CSi promotes ‘smart’ material handling

Material handling systems from companies like CSi can help food firms streamline their packaging operations and increase efficiency.

Praxair tunnel puts freezing efficiency on ice

The Praxair ColdFront Cryo-Saver tunnel freezer is designed to offer a higher degree of freezing efficiency in the same footprint of a traditional cryogenic tunnel.

Maintenance program targets certified food firms

The Pacific Sunrise Ventures Gold Star Food Safety Maintenance Program is designed for HACCP- and GFSI-certified operations.

Stretch wrapper handles 40 loads per hour

ITW Muller has introduced a rotary-ring stretch wrapper that merges compact size with flexibility, for food packaging operations with limited space but broad requirements.

Free food safety training

Succeed Management Solutions and the Northwest Food Processors Association have teamed to launch a free, web-based tool to arm food professionals with valuable safety training.

Hip, hip, hooray—we just topped 4K!

The team of FoodProductionDaily has something to celebrate—the number of industry professionals following us on Twitter just passed the 4,000 mark.

Axium snack factory damaged by blaze

Production at snack maker Axium Foods has hit a snag after a weekend blaze struck its factory, damaging equipment but causing no injuries.

Whole Foods backs food firms with $25m loan program

Whole Foods Market is fueling development of independent food growers and processors with a program funnelling up to $25m in low-interest loans.

FPD serves up hot industry topics in 2014

Automation, sustainability, shelf-life extension, smart packaging and other technologies are some of the items FoodProductionDaily has planned for the year.

Food packaging equipment feels the need for speed

In the face of the ever-growing number of edible items and pack configurations, packaging equipment must keep up with the rapid evolution of the industry.

Adept: automation fuels the future of food

Harnessing automation technology can give food processors and packaging operations a broad range of advantages, according to Adept Technology.

Food flavoring equipment offers even, efficient seasoning

TNA has launched a closed-loop oiler designed for accurate, even application of oil on a range of foods.

Packaging design inspiration gallery: WORLDSTAR WINNERS

The annual WorldStar awards (presented by the World Packaging Organisation) recognize excellence in packaging design: sustainability, functionality, aesthetics and more. Here are some of the winners in the Food category that took home top honors.

VIDEO: Bosch debuts phone trigger software at Europack

Engineers from Bosch Rexroth said “Open Core Engineering”, a software which connects automated machinery and IT, is “generation 4.0” in food production technology.

VIDEO: Mettler Toledo tackles unwanted factory vibes

Mettler Toledo has launched a metal detection machine to automatically adjust to the food it inspects, which it claims can be customized to more than 800 settings.

Videojet tackles tough processing environments

Because food processing environments can be tough, they need equipment up and down the line to stand up to the harsh conditions.

Scenes from PROCESS EXPO 2013, part two

This year's PROCESS EXPO event has treated attendees to a broad array of processing technologies, packaging equipment, educational programming, and other features. Here are some of the sights and sounds from this year's event.

Scenes from PROCESS EXPO 2013, part one

PROCESS EXPO, produced by the Food Processing Suppliers Association, offers industry professionals a chance to take in emerging technologies, discuss trends and taste upcoming flavors. Here are some of the sights and sounds from this year's event.

Government bets big on food processing sector

Local officials have granted $200,000 in government funding to bolster processing capabilities at a food facility.

5 Criticisms of the OEE Metric

Last week, after ThomasNet's R.P. Siegel quoted an LNS Research blog post in his article, "Is OEE An Effective Metric for Assessing Industrial Production? " we decided to ask our followers on Twitter for their thoughts on the topic. The tweet sparked an engaged debate on the utility as well as shortcomings of the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) metric .

‘Industrial internet’ could save manufacturers $150bn

Automating a food operation works best when you put people first, according to one GE executive.

Dairy equipment upgrades fuel $494bn market

A recent study shows that 80% of dairy processors are looking to upgrade their equipment to help keep pace with growing demand.

Bioplastics and sustainability will trend at 'largest' plastics fair

Bioplastics, sustainability, and energy efficiency are set to take centre stage at this year's K! fair, which organisers claim will be the "biggest and most international" for the plastics and rubber industries.

Nestlé reduces milk evaporator water flow

Nestlé has reduced water usage by almost two thirds in less than 12 months, thanks to a technology and employee awareness drive.

Dei Fratelli: Canned food business ‘not going away’

Hirzel Canning Co. & Farms has expanded its line of Truly tomato products, switching to SIG 750g Combibloc cartons, as it celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, but insists cans still have a major role to play within the industry.

Constellium invests €23m at aluminium facility

Constellium has invested €23m in two projects at one of its aluminium rolling and recycling plants that serves the food and beverage packaging markets.

Flexicon Europe moves into bigger UK HQ

Flexicon Europe has moved into larger UK headquarters, to increase manufacturing area, office space and operational efficiencies.

PDX reactor cooks 1,000kg of tomato sauce in six minutes

UK-based, Olympus Automation, which recently acquired the food and beverage division of Pursuit Dynamics, has launched a PDX reactor for liquid food processing.  

Wright Foods invests $53m to create more than 500 jobs

Wright Foods is to create 505 jobs and invest $53m over the next five years in North Carolina.

RPC sees improved activity in challenging environment

RPC Group has said adjusted operating profit before exceptional items is slightly ahead of expectations, in their trading performance update.

Paccor boosts Netherlands presence with €11m investment

Paccor Packaging Solutions has invested €11m in The Netherlands in a bid to grow its rigid food packaging presence.

Amcor bids to be market leader with Chinese flexible packaging deal

Amcor has snapped up a Chinese flexible packaging firm claiming the deal will make it the market leader in Eastern China with a strong position in both film manufacturing and conversion.

Sonoco considering Irish site closure

Sonoco is considering closing a thermoforming packaging facility in Ireland due to volume and profitability losses over the last few years.

Jacquot aims for chocolatey printing perfection

French chocolatier Jacquot has installed two new CJ400 printers from Linx Printing Technologies as it replaces printers across its factory in Troyes, France.

Audits are not just about ticking boxes, says LRQA

Audits are not just about ticking boxes and companies need to show a systematic and preventive approach to ensure food safety, according to LRQA.

Crown invests in Asia to meet aluminium can demand

Crown Holdings has commercialized two Southeast Asian facilities in Nong Khae, Thailand and Da Nang, Vietnam to meet demand for aluminium beverage cans.

MWV lowers F&B profit expectations after maintenance issues

MeadWestvaco (MWV) Corporation has dropped the profit it expects from its Food and Beverage segment to between $45m-$50m after unanticipated costs and lower productivity.

Stora Enso continues site investments

Stora Enso is to invest in a Swedish mill and explore converting a machine from paper to containerboard in Finland to increase operational efficiency.

Graphic Packaging to shutter UK site with 170 job losses

Graphic Packaging is to close one of its UK sites resulting in the loss of up to 170 jobs following its acquisition of Contego Packaging.

Ecolab expands Brazilian research center

Ecolab has expanded one of its research centers in Brazil to keep pace with the strong growth of the business in the country and throughout Latin America.

Solar cells to power refrigeration in cold storage warehouse

Dagab is to install more than 400 solar cells to power its cold storage warehouse in Sweden.

Ardagh signs supply agreement with ConAgra Foods

Ardagh Group is to invest $250m in two new can making facilities to convert the majority of ConAgra Foods’ shelf-sized cans from traditional 3-piece can to flexible DWI (Drawn and Wall-Ironed) technology.

Sonoco invests in flexible packaging

Sonoco Flexible Packaging is to expand its Morristown, Tennessee facility with an investment of $9.7m which will create 26 jobs.

Amcor invests £1.3m in UK site

Amcor is investing £1.3m in one of its UK facilities including installing a new production line that will help to safeguard 53 jobs.

Novelis invests in evercan launch site

Novelis has completed a £1.7m (US$2.5m) upgrade at an aluminium can recycling plant which will serve as a launch production site for the evercan aluminium beverage can body sheet.

Sealpac highlights at IFFA 2013

Sealpac has outlined flexibility, material savings and traceability as the main benefits of its integrated machinery, during a recent trade show in Germany.   

O-I expands alliance with Emhart Glass

O-I has expanded its strategic alliance with Emhart Glass to supply glass forming machines and parts to all their plants from Q2 this year.

Sealed Air targets savings in organisational restructure

Sealed Air has announced a program aimed at annual savings of $80m by the end of 2015 but said impact this year would be “minimal”.

PLM part of holistic approach for industry

Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) is still emerging in food and beverage with growth expected as more firms take a holistic approach, according to the president of CIMdata.

Toppan builds “mother factory” to focus on flexible packaging

Toppan Printing Co., is investing 27bn Yen (US$292m) in what it described as the “mother factory” in Japan in anticipation of flexible packaging growth overseas.

Ball Corporation to close Illinois site

Ball Corporation is to close a food and aerosol packaging manufacturing facility with the loss of 245 jobs by the end of the year.

Nampak to boost beverage business with investment

Nampak is to invest in equipment to boost its bottle and can producing business to meet growing market demand.

Netzsch does the Rumba to optimise chocolate processing

Netzsch has claimed that it offers an energy efficient chocolate production process as its grinding and liquid-conching processes run simultaneously in different equipment.

Crown reviewing UK plant after decline in food packaging sales

Crown Food Europe has launched a consultation process with staff at its Worcester, UK site due to declining food packaging sales.

Bühler invests in optical sorting at new centre

Bühler Sortex has invested in the latest optical sorting technology as part of the facilities at the customer service centre it plans to open on February 25 in East London.

‘That’s intralogistics’: Krones secures stake in specialist Klug

German beverage filling and packaging giant Krones has bought a 26% stake in German intralogistical supplier Klug, and says it will stop supplying such solutions through its loss-making in-house business.

Operational Efficiency 2012: Free Access To Today's First Ever Dedicated Online Event!

Register now for free access to today's first ever online event devoted to Operational Efficiency in food and beverage processing, organized by and William Reed Business Media.

Breakthrough CIP cleaning tech ‘more progressive than prog rock’: Radical Waters

Carla Fiford, of Radical Waters, tells Ben Bouckley at InterBev 2012 why Electro Chemical Activation (ECA) is a ‘breakthrough’ cleaning technology that brings beverage bottlers cost and sustainability benefits.

Kraft files patent for flexible chocolate depositor

Cadbury UK and Kraft Foods R&D in the US have filed a patent application for an improved chocolate depositor that the companies claim allows manufacturers to better meet output demands and cope with new formulations.

Linpac invests in plants and packaging

Linpac Packaging is investing an extra €3m in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) extrusion and automation at Ritterhude, Bremen, on top of €6m in the past two years spent there and at Beeskow, Brandenburg.

Ardagh invests in European food can line

Ardagh has invested €10m in a two piece drawn, walled and ironed (DWI) food can line in the Czech Republic.

New heat recovery system saves money: WP Green

Bakery firms can cut costs with a new system that reuses hot gases emitted from ovens to heat and make water for an entire production facility, head of WP Green says.

ConAgra Foods fined for wastewater permit violation

A ConAgra processing plant has been fined $1,625 for exceeding the limit for disposal of nitrate.

BASF to shut two EPS plants in Asia

BASF is to shut two sites in Asia by the end of the year, citing overcapacity and low margins.

Dry Lube predicts sustainable revolution for dry lubrication

Dry Lube says that one barrier to de facto use of dry lubrication technology for glass packaging lines is wariness among site engineers following imperfect past trials using rival products.

Sonoco third quarter earnings outlook hit by maintenance problems

Sonoco has lowered its earnings guidance for the third quarter of 2012 due to unscheduled downtime and lower than anticipated volumes. 

Totally Green receives $20m to simplify food composting

Totally Green has partnered with York Plains Investment Corp. to support their aim of diverting food processing waste from landfill.

Tetra Pak expands industrial performance business

Tetra Pak has acquired a Brazilian control systems specialist to strengthen their manufacturing monitoring technology.

Coke plans to roll-out 'first of its kind' water recovery system from 2013

The Coca-Cola Company has developed and tested a ‘first of its kind’ beverage process water recovery system that it says could save up to 100bn litres per year if adopted across its bottling network.

Quail meat processor hit with almost $100,000 of proposed fines

Quail International was cited for 23 violations totalling more than US$92,000 (€75,000) by the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Industry consolidating in terms of machinery purchases - PMMI report

Industry is focussing on current rather than new vendors and rebuilt packaging machinery, according to a report from the Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Institute (PMMI).

Spartech Corporation to upgrade US plant but close Canadian site

Spartech Corporation has announced it will upgrade its food packaging manufacturing facility in Indiana later this year but will close a plant in Canada by 2013.

FoodDrinkEurope sets out sustainability initiatives up to 2030

FoodDrinkEurope has launched a report outlining its goals to move towards more sustainable food and drink production by 2030.

Day Two: Relive Anuga FoodTec 2012 in pictures

Relive the best of the action from day two of the major processing and packaging show ongoing in Cologne, Germany this week.

Electron beam ‘breakthrough’ sees Tetra Pak hit carton hyperspeed at Anuga

Tetra Pak has unveiled what it claims is the world’s fastest carton filling machine – over 11 units per second – and says the concept was only realisable due to the launch of new eBeam non-contact and dry sterilisation technology.

Multivac launches stand-alone end-of-line conveyor systems

Multivac has unveiled two stand-alone conveyor systems with adjustable lanes and speeds that can be retrofitted to thermoforming packaging machines.

Tetra Pak’s production doubles at factory in China ‘due to demand’.

Tetra Pak say a new production line at one its plants in China will boost output to 20bn liquid dairy cartons annually to ‘keep up with market demand’.

Novel dairy waste disposal process offers significant savings on anaerobic digestion, UK firm

Lindhurst Engineering has successfully tested microbial fuel cell (MFC) technology to help dairy processors dispose of waste streams and generate energy, and MD Martin Rigley told Dairy that an installation could cost 75% less than its anaerobic digestion equivalent.

New production line will save time and cut costs - Nampak

Nampak claims that newly installed printing technology will reduce food packaging production costs and shorten delivery times by up to eight weeks.

Coke takes Turkish delight in potential for 'built-in' sustainability

The Coca-Cola Company says that it has opportunities to build sustainability in to its plants in the emerging markets such as Turkey, through integration of best practice and the latest, most efficient technology.

Processors could reap benefits from new UK anaerobic digestion plant

Food producers can cut costs and boost environmental credentials by recycling food waste at a new anaerobic digestion plant in Wiltshire, UK, according to the firm behind the facility.

Miracle metal could usher in food safety revolution, scientist

Copper could usher in a food safety revolution within processing plants, according to the author of a new study that revealed the metal’s impressive ability to kill deadly E.coli pathogens.

State-of-the-art serrated plastic pipe cleaning tech unveiled by Arla

The UK arm of Scandinavian based dairy giant Arla has installed a new ‘state of the art’ pipe cleaning technology at its creamery in Stourton that it says will help it reduce product waste and save water.

Ultrasonic clean for baking tins can cut lifetime costs – Caresonic

Ultrasonic cleaning machines for baking tins can produce better results faster and reduce long-term costs compared to high spray washing, according to UK based technology firm Caresonic.

Krones chairman presents ‘ultra compact’ bottle washer

Krones has launched what it describes as an ‘ultra compact’ single-end bottle washer designed specifically for beverage manufacturers with small to medium outputs.

Line performance analysis means a ‘win of money’ for producers, Krones

German engineering giant Krones is at the forefront of IT solutions to allow close line performace analysis to help beverage manufacturers avoid downtime, and the firm’s IT solutions sales manager Timo Frankl told and that the company’s solutions ensured efficient production and a ‘win of money’.

Eco friendly methane trucks optimise supply chain for Nestle

Nestle UK has scooped an award for its use of methane trucks that has reduced CO2 emissions by 14% compared to diesel trucks with further potential to slash emissions in half.

Developing world 'grid reliability' issues speed effluent energy uptake, General Electric

Worldwide beverage industry uptake of effluent energy generation solutions depends on the cost of local power, while grid reliability problems are also encouraging uptake in the developing world.

‘Next generation’ bottling system will slash costs, claims KHS

KHS has launched a new filling system that it claims will increase product safety for consumers and effect cost reductions via simpler cleaning and maintenance.

Favourable tax changes boost Finnish can boom, Rexam

Positive changes to the Finnish tax regime have encouraged a rapid transition from bottled to can beer in the country, according to consumer packaging giant Rexam.

EMS offers food processors benefits and challenges

Environmental management systems (EMS) can be a good tool for food processors looking to achieve the twin goals of improved productivity and corporate responsibility.

Should anaerobic digestion plants be on the menu for food processors?

The financial and eco-benefits of investing in anaerobic digestion (AD) technology to generate energy from food waste is something that all processors should be considering, said InSource Energy.

Consultant reveals the secrets behind water efficiency

Food and drink processors can achieve savings of up to 30 per cent on their water and effluent bills without even having to resort to major capital investments.

Computer modelled heat recovery could slash processors' energy bills

In the first part of a special edition on plant efficiency, we look at the results of a recently published Australian project, which found that a combination of computer modelling and dehydrator redesign can cut energy bills in half in dried fruit manufacture.

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