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Insiders claim the take up of robotic technology in the food sector is set to steadily increase as processors are forced to seek further efficiency gains and demand could challenge that of the automotive industry within a decade. In this series, we examine why the sector has been slow to embrace the technology and forecast what future take up trends could be.

Key: Food sorting demands power and speed

Food sorting technology is evolving to meet producer demand for faster machines and precise performance, according to a Key Technology executive.

Automated food warehouse cuts energy by 80%

A producer specializing in Tetra Pak aseptic-packaged foods and beverages has opened its doors on an automated facility designed to boost efficiency and cut energy usage.

Siemens: Cost considerations move conveyor technology

Food firms are demanding cost efficiency, operational sustainability, and flexibility from their conveyors, according to Siemens.

Artificial Intelligence: Baking with algorithms for 'infinite' flexibility

Baking with algorithmic software can help minimize mistakes as busy bakers work to broaden portfolios, according to developer PreciBake.

PMMI drives to fill 600K-job gap in manufacturing

PMMI is calling for processing and packaging leaders to reaching out to young people, get them excited about manufacturing, and ensure the future of the industry.

Adept gets a grip on automation award

Adept Technology has landed an award for its SoftPIC food gripper, designed to handle delicate edibles and tricky packaging.

PMMI: 75% of packaging lines automated

Thanks to labor efficiency, boosted productivity, and greater flexibility, robotics play a larger role in processing and packaging lines than ever.

Hip, hip, hooray—we just topped 4K!

The team of FoodProductionDaily has something to celebrate—the number of industry professionals following us on Twitter just passed the 4,000 mark.

FPD serves up hot industry topics in 2014

Automation, sustainability, shelf-life extension, smart packaging and other technologies are some of the items FoodProductionDaily has planned for the year.

Fascinating food stories of 2013

Private-label packaging, kids' products, odorous hot-sauce emissions—2013 was a fascinating year for anyone following the food industry. Here are some of the most interesting stories from the perspective of a FoodProductionDaily editor.

Food packaging equipment feels the need for speed

In the face of the ever-growing number of edible items and pack configurations, packaging equipment must keep up with the rapid evolution of the industry.

How safe is your food processing workforce?

Rockwell Automation has launched an online tool to help managers assess the exposure to their workers and optimize their safety programs.

Adept: automation fuels the future of food

Harnessing automation technology can give food processors and packaging operations a broad range of advantages, according to Adept Technology.

The pot thickens: Novafill patents moving jar filler for liquids

Automation firm Novafill has patented a machine which fills several moving pots at once, unlike traditional static systems. The machine was shown for the first time at Europack Euromanut CFIA tradeshow in Lyon, France.

VIDEO: Bosch debuts phone trigger software at Europack

Engineers from Bosch Rexroth said “Open Core Engineering”, a software which connects automated machinery and IT, is “generation 4.0” in food production technology.

Scenes from PROCESS EXPO 2013, part two

This year's PROCESS EXPO event has treated attendees to a broad array of processing technologies, packaging equipment, educational programming, and other features. Here are some of the sights and sounds from this year's event.

PROCESS EXPO causes a buzz on Twitter

Processing professionals from all over the world are gathered at the event, and sharing the sights, sounds and technology via Twitter.

‘Industrial internet’ could save manufacturers $150bn

Automating a food operation works best when you put people first, according to one GE executive.

‘100 milking robots’ in Ireland by December, says top scientist

Irish scientists developing automated $177,000 milking machines claim to have cracked the problem of pasture-based farms – a breakthrough that could free up farm labour and allow greater production of grass-fed milk.

Molex makes automation connections at PACK EXPO

Molex is showing its automation components at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013.

Processing school combats industry “brain drain”

A specialized education center is training the next generation of food processing talent, helping manufacturers keep up evolving technology.

Dairy equipment upgrades fuel $494bn market

A recent study shows that 80% of dairy processors are looking to upgrade their equipment to help keep pace with growing demand.

Adept center offers inroads to $37bn automation market

Adept Technology Inc. has opened an application and demo center, giving food firms hands-on access to its range of robotics and automation products.

Pepsico, Keurig leaders judge packaging challenge

Students headed toward a career in packaging will put their skills to the test in a hands-on competition at PACK EXPO.

Processing equipment market to top $636bn by 2019

A growing hunger for frozen food, prepared meals and other convenience items is driving a surge in processing equipment sales.

Equipment packs a punch at industry event

PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2013, scheduled September 23-25, is showcasing packaging and processing technology from more than 1,700 exhibitors

Adept turns 30 and says: “We are just getting started"

Adept Technology are marking their 30th year in business and took through the timeline of their robots working with food products.

New packaging line engineering firm can make “immediate impact”, says company president

A new packaging line engineering firm can make an “immediate impact” on the market, according to the firm’s president and managing director.

Food packing remains strong for Adept

Adept has said food packing has continued to be one of the strongest markets for its robotic components, as part of its Q2 2013 results.

Cermex unveils robotic palletizing solution at Emballage

Cermex has introduced a robot palletizer which it claims offers fluidity, efficiency at the operator level and security in the cell.

Backing will enable us to reach untapped markets - Adept

Adept Technology has reached a deal to sell 14% of its business for $8m and said it believes it can tap into significant robotic automation markets.

Epson Robots introduces washdown robots

Epson Robots has unveiled a range of washdown robots for the automation of unwrapped food transportation lines.

Robot that uses sensors to debone chicken being tested by US researchers

Researchers from the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) have developed a robot that can debone chicken and are trialing a first attempt to integrate all components into a single test to determine the yield of the cut this month.

Day Two: Relive Anuga FoodTec 2012 in pictures

Relive the best of the action from day two of the major processing and packaging show ongoing in Cologne, Germany this week.

Robotics or die: food manufacturers’ 10-year choice

UK food manufacturers have between just five to 10 years to adopt robotic technology or face terminal decline.

Advancing technology and lower costs could fuel meat sector uptake of robotics

Greater hygiene, improved consistency of operation and greater productivity are all key advantages to be realised from using robotics in meat processing and packaging, said the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL).

Robots establish themselves in beverage and dairy industries

In the third part of our special edition on robotics in the food industry we explore how robots are becoming a more common sight in the dairy and beverage sectors.

Robots still a nascent technology in confectionery processing

Robot-based product packaging and palletizing remain the areas for quick wins in the confectionery sector but robots, albeit in the leading EU based confectioners, are gradually taking on more tasks a step earlier at the processing stage.

Food sector set to embrace robotic technology - BARA

Take up of robotic technology in the food sector is set to steadily increase as processors are forced to seek further efficiency gains and demand could challenge that of the automotive industry within a decade, said the head of a leading trade body.

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