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Shelf Life

The increasing demand for minimally processed food with high nutritional value is creating challenges for food manufacturers in terms of shelf life and in this series, examines some current trends in relation to mild heat treatments, barrier coatings, light damage inhibition methods and predictive modelling that can ensure stability and often extension of shelf life for food and drink products.

EU researchers develop biodegradable flexible packaging

A €1.2m ($1.5m) EU research project, BioActiveLayer, is developing a flexible packaging material for dried foods: citing the need for a pouch that is both biodegradable and meets demanding shelf life requirements. 

DuPont and collaborators highlight packaging technology trends

DuPont brought together executives from the Mintel Group, Macro Engineering & Technology, Brampton Engineering, Avure Technologies, and Kortec in a seminar at Pack Expo on packaging technology trends.

Jumpy about germs? Brands can boost safety and quality credentials with anti-bacterial packaging

The market for anti-bacterial food cans is set to grow, predicts market research company Canadean, adding the niche market will become ‘more mainstream’ over the coming years. 

AMERIPEN: Food waste costs US consumers $162bn annually

Food packaging can play a powerful role in preventing costly food waste around the globe, according to the sustainable packaging organization.

Fresh look: RPC packaging boosts shelf life for fruits

A fruit producer has poured its line of shelf-stable fruit products into jars combining shelf-life extension and increased shelf appeal.

FDA, Kodak, and Sealed Air join intelligent packaging event

The AIPIA Congress will feature presentations by packaging, food, and government representatives to hammer out ways smart packaging can promote traceability, product security, sustainability, and more.

Signs point to smart packaging success: AIPIA

The Active and Intelligent Packaging Industry Association indicate the future looks bright for active and intelligent food packaging technologies.

Meat market: Active packaging boosts shelf life and profits

Recent market intelligence indicates use of active and intelligent packaging for meat products extends the useful life of the foods, while expanding the potential for profit.

Singing about foodborne pathogens is "Weird"

With his latest single, comedy genius "Weird Al" Yankovic has accomplished what is likely an industry first: climbing to the top of the charts with a song about foodborne pathogens.

Grenier seals the deal with reclosable pâté packaging

Neoplanta’s Patelina meat and fish pates pâtés have been launched in resealable, shelf-life extending cups, designed by Grenier Packaging International.

Packaging design inspiration gallery: SINGLE SERVE

Snacks, drinks, condiments, and other food and beverage favorites are fueling consumer demand for convenience with single-serve packaging. Here are some notable examples of one-shot containers seen on retail shelves.

Stay Fresh Foods doubles its HPP capacity

The producer—which specializes in health beverages, meats, and salads—is installing Avure equipment that will double its capacity for high-pressure processing toll services.

Top five flexible packaging trends

A leader from packaging provider Zip-Pak has offered his views on what trends are driving the flexible field.

Date-label confusion fuels food waste

Inconsistencies in food packaging date labeling leads to unnecessary waste, according to one former Trader Joe’s leader.

Top 11 advancements in food safety and quality

A veteran food scientist shares his views on the most important technological developments to hit the food safety and quality arena in recent decades.

The fruit, the whole fruit, and nothing but the fruit: Draco and TRU join on aseptically packaged ingredients

Draco Natural Products and TRU Aseptics are joining forces to produce a line of whole fruit and vegetable ingredients, housed in aseptic packaging.

IFT tackles food safety, speed, and efficiency

Attendees at the upcoming IFT 2014 conference and expo will be treated to a broad range of technologies promising increased safety, sustainability, and convenience.

Top trends in fresh food packaging

The food and packaging exhibits at FMI Connect and United Fresh offered a glimpse at the hot products and packages that will be in shoppers’ carts in coming months.

Packaging design inspiration gallery: FISH

A growing consumer desire for high-protein, low-fat foods is causing an uptick in fish and seafood sales, with demand topping $15bn last year. Here are some packaging designs that are swimming into shoppers' carts at retail.

Natural coating gives fruit a berry long shelf life

Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered a material found in blueberry leaves can be used to coat the berries themselves, delivering longer shelf life, boosted antioxidants, and pathogen protection.

Film lifts sustainability barrier

Toray Plastics has launched Torayfan CBS2, a sustainable high-barrier BOPP film designed to protect bakery, snack, and candy products, while also protecting the environment.

It’s a wrap! Sustainable packaging up for $100K award

A beeswax-based food wrap has captured the attention of judges in the Business Development Bank of Canada’s Young Entrepreneur Award program.

Portable detector sniffs out spoiled food

PERES, a portable app-based device, tests meat and poultry for freshness, sounding an alert when spoilage is detected.

Check, don't wreck, your food packaging

Packaging Technologies and Inspection offers inspection equipment, focusing on gear that checks product integrity and quality.

Pouches prevail in 2014 DuPont Packaging Awards

The annual DuPont Packaging Awards recognizes ingenuity in container designs and packaging products for food and other markets. Here are some of the top food and beverage winners in this year's awards, many of which feature flexible pouches.

AFFI push heats up the $52bn frozen food market

The American Frozen Food Institute is bolstering frozen food sales by highlighting the nutritional and quality benefits of freezing.

Allpax puts R&D retorting to the test

Allpax’s Versatort unit enables food processing operations to test retort on a full-sized machine, promising reduced waste and flexible performance.

Liqui-Box center engages packaging customers

Liqui-Box, a packaging company specializing in flexible and bag-in-box products, is opening its Center of Excellence at its production plant.

Ultrasonic pouch sealers earn CE mark

FPA Series ultrasonic pouch sealers, produced by Rinco, have secured the CE mark, signifying compliance with EU safety, health, and environmental requirements.

Cacao drink gets sweet on Tetra Pak cartons

Mayesa, a chocolate drink in the health beverage category, has launched its product in Tetra Pak containers.

Berry Plastics film keeps edibles high and dry

Berry Plastics has engineered a nine-layer film material to protect cereals and snacks against moisture, reportedly with a lighter weight than conventional films.

Hiperbaric ‘can’t complain’ about growth in HPP market

The market for high-pressure processed food is expected to hit $18bn by 2018; an expert from HPP provider Hiperbaric shares some of the strongest factors behind the technology’s global growth.

Hormel cracks the shelf-stable egg puzzle

With the launch of its Compleats Breakfast convenience meals, Hormel Foods is the first US producer to put shelf-stable egg dishes on retail shelves.

Food technologies wage war against pathogens

Novel technologies like high-pressure processing can win the war to lengthen shelf life and eradicate foodborne illness, according to industry experts.

Allpax evaporative cooling retort cuts contamination

Allpax Products says its evaporative cooling retort, which cools products without expensive and time consuming refrigeration, is attracting the interest of processors who deal with large batches of product.

Lidding films take the heat on ready meals

Toray Plastics has expanded its line of polyester lidding films designed to withstand oven temperatures of up to 400° F.

Portion-pack food firm plans $3.1m expansion

Growth in portion-packaged foods is moving L&L Foods to break ground on an additional facility to boost capacity.

Gluten-free granola sticks with Velcro packaging

Gypsy Crunch has launched its line of gluten-free, artisanal granolas in flexible pouches with Velcro closures, extending product shelf life.

Do consumers trust your food products?

US consumers feel they don’t know enough about where their food comes from, and how it’s grown and produced—and that knowledge gap could be creating mistrust of retail food products.

HPP food market nearing $12bn

Demand for high-pressure processing equipment and food/beverage products is surging; one expert from HPP provider Avure outlines some of the reasons for the growth.

MOCON: Automation essential in testing technology

MOCON has launched an oxygen permeation testing system that meets increased demand for automation and rapid results.

Canned food ups fruit and vegetable intake

The use of cans in food packaging boosts fruit and vegetable intake, increases nutritional benefits, and makes edibles safer.

Food science and safety take center stage at conference

The International Conference and Exhibition on Food Processing and Technology, produced by OMICS, gives food professionals a platform to explore and share wisdom on safety and quality issues.

Leno adds star power to PACK EXPO

Former late-night TV host Jay Leno will entertain the crowd at PACK EXPO, PMMI’s international packaging and processing conference, with a lively lecture.

Smart tag sees the true color to tackle food waste

A colour-coded smart tag using nanorods could be used to tell if food is still fresh, according to researchers.

MWV snack packs stack up

MeadWestvaco has launched Evertain, a resealable paperboard container to protect snacks, boost sustainability, and drive shelf appeal.

Universal opens the doors on its HPP facility

High-pressure processing is gaining popularity in food and beverage processing; Universal Pasteurization is opening its doors to give food professionals a chance to check it out for themselves.

Seafood Expo hooks into $370bn market

Seafood Expo North America, scheduled March 16-18, is swimming toward its best-ever attendance, according to event producers.

Pittcon puts food safety under the microscope

Pittcon brought food laboratories to the forefront for a week; is the annual technology exhibition worth the trip?

Life Technologies: Foodborne illness hits 1 in 6 Americans

Growing concerns about foodborne illness, waste, and feeding a booming global population are placing increasing demands on food testing, according to Life Technologies.

Food testing can tell the tale of taste

A representative from Shimadzu says food analysis can gauge a product's taste, aroma, and texture to predict its chances of success in stores.

Packaging design inspiration gallery: KID'S FOOD

Children are the smallest consumers, yet they can carry big power in terms of a household's food purchases. Here are some kid's food packages that tout the taste, convenience, and other features that children and parents hunger for.

What’s driving growth in the $35.8bn aseptic packaging market?

One aseptic technology leader says a consumer taste for natural foods and beverage, and longer shelf life, rank among factors driving sustained growth.

Intertek puts flex packs to the test

Quality and safety testing outfit Intertek has expanded its range of laboratory capabilities for gauging fitness of film and flexible polymer packaging.

Active packaging sachet given EFSA approval

An oxygen absorber and carbon dioxide emitting system for use in packaging has been backed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Toray film seals in long shelf life

Toray Plastics (America) has launched a metallized BOPP film designed to lock out oxygen and moisture on flexible food packages.

Active/intelligent packaging capturing global attention

US demand for active and intelligent packaging technology will hit $3.5bn by 2017; one expert outlines advancements and what’s behind the increased demand.

Mullinix: Busy lives call for better barriers

A Mullinix Packages executive advises the lifestyles of today’s time-crunched, demanding consumers calls for food packaging with longer shelf life and quality-guarding properties.

Scenes from IPPE 2014

The International Production and Processing Expo welcomed thousands of enthused meat and poultry professionals. Here are some of the products and technologies attendees have glimpsed at the 2014 event.

Leaders of the pack: Kraft, Frito Lay top event roster

The upcoming Packaging Conference 2014 will feature senior executives from top suppliers and consumer packaged goods firms.

Hip, hip, hooray—we just topped 4K!

The team of FoodProductionDaily has something to celebrate—the number of industry professionals following us on Twitter just passed the 4,000 mark.

Nanoparticles boost barrier properties of plastic film

Tera-Barrier Films (TBF) has invented a plastic film using an encapsulated nanoparticle layer that it claims will bridge the gap between aluminium foil and transparent oxide films.

Packaging design inspiration gallery: SOUP

With plummeting winter temperatures sending much of the US into a deep freeze, it's prime time for a bowl of hot, steamy soup. Here are some examples of creative soup packaging to help warm you up.

Urschel moves food cutting facility after tornado

Processing machinery firm Urschel International has relocated its Netherlands office after the previous facility was ravaged by a storm.

FPD serves up hot industry topics in 2014

Automation, sustainability, shelf-life extension, smart packaging and other technologies are some of the items FoodProductionDaily has planned for the year.

Fascinating food stories of 2013

Private-label packaging, kids' products, odorous hot-sauce emissions—2013 was a fascinating year for anyone following the food industry. Here are some of the most interesting stories from the perspective of a FoodProductionDaily editor.

Best of the Best: Top processing and packaging stories of 2013

The year 2013 was a great one for fascinating stories about food packaging, processing technologies and safety concerns. Here are the 10 FoodProductionDaily stories that most resonated with our readers.

Fresher Evolution launches next-generation HPP

A high-pressure processing collaboration has led to a system promising longer staying power than previous technology.

Inventure Foods plans $3.9m expansion of freezing capabilities

Inventure Foods is plunking down $3.9m to expand its frozen-food capabilities.

Industry group offers assistance in understanding food safety

While many questions remain about the Food Safety Modernization Act, one industry expert advised that the time to start putting plans in place is upon us.

Packaging design inspiration gallery: WORLDSTAR WINNERS

The annual WorldStar awards (presented by the World Packaging Organisation) recognize excellence in packaging design: sustainability, functionality, aesthetics and more. Here are some of the winners in the Food category that took home top honors.

Mocon clears the air with O2 test

Mocon has launched a system that gauges oxygen transmission rates through flat materials and food packaging.

NAMPA: Be thankful for canned food

Flexible packaging might be gaining market share, but canned foods still figure into meal preparation at Thanksgiving and other holidays.

Dow: We have to do more with less

It is critical to protect the food supply chain and cut down food waste, according to the Dow Chemical Company.

Tetra Pak rockets private-label products to market

Tetra Pak is helping retailers grab a bigger share of the booming private-label business with services that speed time to market.

Bonduelle taps EnWave for food drying tech

Powerhouse processor Bonduelle is tapping into EnWave dehydration for quick-frozen vegetables.

PACK EXPO gets smart with intelligent packaging content

PACK EXPO International 2014 is expanding its tech content by welcoming an event dedicated to 'smart' packaging technologies.

Avure HPP system up and running at Hope Fresh

An operation specializing in high-pressure processing has installed its second Avure line at its fresh-food facility.

Packaging pushes PET market to 76.7m tons

Food packaging, beverage bottles and other containers are driving global demand for polyethylene terephthalate.

Lack of progress on meat and fish waste

There is a ‘great opportunity’ to reduce meat and fish waste in UK households after a report showed no decline over a five year period compared to other sectors.  

Scenes from PROCESS EXPO 2013, part two

This year's PROCESS EXPO event has treated attendees to a broad array of processing technologies, packaging equipment, educational programming, and other features. Here are some of the sights and sounds from this year's event.

Venezuela’s no-chill yogurt to reach poorer regions

Venezuelan food manufacturer Empresas Polar claims it has created the country’s first non-refrigerated yogurt, named MiGurt.

PROCESS EXPO causes a buzz on Twitter

Processing professionals from all over the world are gathered at the event, and sharing the sights, sounds and technology via Twitter.

Unilever and Kellogg pitch in on World Food Day

Food industry professionals from all across the supply chain tell us what they did on World Food Day (WFD) yesterday.

Modified-atmosphere packaging market to near $11bn

Demand for modified- and controlled-atmosphere packaging market is growing across the globe.

General Mills soup spoons into Tetra Pak cartons

General Mills has introduced Artisanal Soups into its Progresso line, the first of its ready-to-serve soups in Tetra Pak cartons.

KM Packaging Fog Buster wins supermarket ready meal deal

KM Packaging has worked alongside tray manufacturer, i2r Packaging Solutions, to create an aluminium tray with transparent lid for a UK supermarket ready meal.

Sealed Air's bag-in-box packs three times faster than conventional systems

Sealed Air sees a "gap" in the market for aseptic packaging technology and will launch a bag-in-box system next year.

US demand for meat packaging to top $9.5bn by 2017

Demand in the US for meat, poultry and seafood packaging will rise to an expected $9.5bn in the next five years.

Ready-meal brand digs into custom packaging

Erasco, a food brand specializing in ready meals, has relaunched its products in custom-molded bowls.

NanoBarrier targets improved bioplastics for food packaging

NanoBarrier is bidding to improve and modify bioplastics using nanotechnology to boost properties to compete with traditional oil-based plastics.

North America’s $54bn packaging market in flux

According to leaders from SIG Combibloc, the North American packaging market is changing, thanks to shifting consumer tastes and evolving technology.

Companies ‘hide’ HPP due to consumer fears

High Pressure Processing (HPP) is widely used to pasteurize food, but most food producers ‘hide’ the method because of consumer perceptions, a HPP consultant said.  

Ethylene removing tech backed to boost shelf life

Removing ethylene using an active packaging technology can extend strawberry shelf life by at least two days, according to research presented this week.

Multisorb oxygen absorber takes gold

Multisorb Technologies has won a gold award for its FreshMax Self-Adhesive Oxygen Absorber ahead of Polagra Food’s International Trade Fair for Food.

Months of “Life on Mars” for astronauts: what does it mean for food safety on earth?

Astronauts have lived for four months in a simulation of a Mars space station to explore food possibilities for space exploration.

Emco granted patent for OxyFresh tech

Emco Packaging has been granted a GB patent for its packaging inclusion which controls or modifies the atmosphere to extend shelf life.

Dei Fratelli: Canned food business ‘not going away’

Hirzel Canning Co. & Farms has expanded its line of Truly tomato products, switching to SIG 750g Combibloc cartons, as it celebrates its 90th anniversary this year, but insists cans still have a major role to play within the industry.

SI and Dimaco see pressure for label accuracy

Software provider, Systems Integration, has teamed up with Dimaco inspection company to offer food processors label accuracy and pack verification, including promotion labels and label positioning.

Pacific Foods and Tetra Pak launch carton meals

Pacific Foods has partnered with Tetra Pak to launch All Natural Pasta O’s and All Natural Mac & Cheese products packaged in Bisphenol-A free, retortable liquid cartons.

Partnership seeks to double pipi shelf life

A South Australian Research and Development firm has partnered with the local pipi industry to develop a packaging system that aims to double the shelf life of the seafood.

Dye leaching problem of UV-activated oxygen indicator films solved, claim researchers

Alginate as a coating polymer can prevent dyes from leaching out of certain oxygen-indicating packaging films when they come into contact with water, according to research.

UV light technique can double berry shelf life, say researchers

The problem of severe drying when using ultra-violet (UV) light for storage of produce has been solved, according to US researchers.

Fresh cut fruit project bids for shelf life extension

An extension of between three to five days for fresh cut fruit is the focus of an EU project which began at the start of the year.

Aseptic Technology 2013: Exclusive Online Event

Our free online event, Aseptic Technology 2013, brings together leading suppliers, brand owners and specialists including GEA, Sidel, Solvay, Coca-Cola Hellenic and Zenith International.

Avure provides picture of HPP market

The meat industry is driving high pressure processing (HPP) in Europe due to extended shelf life benefits opening new markets, according to Avure.  

Sirane pledges packaging solutions on back of Courtauld launch

Sirane has said it is already working on projects to help Courtauld 3 become a reality and meet food waste targets.

EU project aims to combine active and intelligent packaging

An EU project is aiming to use active packaging to improve barrier properties and intelligent packaging to give consumers more product quality information.

Citral beats oregano as antimicrobial agent in active packaging

Using citral is better than oregano essential oil (OEO) as an active agent on ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH) coated polypropylene (PP) film at reducing microorganisms on salad, according to research.

Emco files patent for active oxygen scavenging system

Emco Packaging has filed a patent for an active oxygen scavenging system for use in the headspace of bottles, sachets and cartons for liquid foods and beverages.

Avure targets all-round HPP services

Bringing a successful high pressure processing (HPP) product to market is much more than just buying a piece of equipment, according to Avure.

Researchers create novel humidity regulating films to stop water vapour condensation

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany have created humidity regulating films incorporating salts that absorb water vapour leading to extended shelf life and better product appeal.

Edible coatings can extend fruit shelf life, say researchers

A research project in Pakistan has successfully extended the shelf life of different fruits by applying various types of edible coating materials.

Bespoke wash can extend fresh food shelf life – German firm

German company Food Freshly has begun offering processors a bespoke formula wash for fresh foodstuffs that it claims will keep them germ free and extend their shelf life.

Dole claims its banana packaging extends shelf life by nearly a week

Dole Fresh Fruit has launched banana packaging that it claims can keep the fruit fresher for up to six days longer.

Asda hopes time is ripe for avocado 'traffic light' packaging

UK supermarket chain Asda hopes that its new 'traffic light' colour coded packaging system will ensure customers always pick avocadoes off retail shelves at the correct level of ripeness.

Sirane claims new corn-based packaging film doubles brassica shelf life

UK-based packaging manufacturer  Sirane claims its bio-based food wrapping can double the shelf-life of ‘notoriously problematic’ brassicas.

JV for antimicrobial packaging coatings that could extend shelf life by ‘months’

Oplon has partnered with Reynolds Group to create antimicrobial coatings for their packaging which could extend shelf life of products by months and will be commercially available within the next two years.

Packaging system extends shelf life of produce, claims Sonoco

Sonoco has unveiled a tray which is part of a system that they claim will increase the shelf life for fresh-cut produce.

Grow Green Industries develops all-natural food sanitizer and preservative

Food safety and shelf-life enhancing products with no special processing requirements will be unveiled at trade-show IFT next month, according to the US-based developer.

Cassava starch coatings can increase strawberry shelf life 33% - study

Brazilian researchers have found that cassava starch-based edible coatings can boost shelf life in fresh strawberries from nine to 12 days.

'Breakthrough' barrier technology sees APPE target new applications

APPE is targeting new application areas for its novel oxygen-scavenging barrier system marketed under the the ActivSeal brand, the company revealed to in an exclusive interview at Brau Beviale 2011 in Germany.

KHS claims beer stabilisation boon for smaller brewers

KHS claims its new Innopro ECOStab beer stabilisation machine will help brewers of all sizes achieve longer shelf lives for beer, and reduce costs as well as processing times.

Glass won't disappear, but novel jam 'cup' will win market share: EDV

Spanish firm EDV Packaging claims its new 'high barrier' plastic cup for fruit spreads provides an alternative to glass for food firms, although it can't compete on price quite yet.

'Revolutionary' food freshness label will transform industry, developer claims

A patent-protected traffic-light style food freshness label is set to revolutionise the UK food industry on its retail launch in early 2012, and will help tackle the nation's £12bn food waste problem.

Radical cryogenic food freezing research starts

A ground-breaking new UK-led research project will investigate the potential for cryogenic and electromagnetic freezing and chilling technologies for food processing applications.

Top food firms interested in novel food freshness label, entrepreneur

A Scottish entrepreneur claims that two top food manufacturers and a major supermarket have shown interest in licensing an innovative colour-changing label that tells consumers how fresh their food is, which could be used on products within 12 months.

New guide eases challenges of challenge testing

Demand for shelf-life evaluation procedures such as challenge testing is on the up as food processors come under increasing regulatory and financial pressure to ensure safety and minimise waste, said Campden BRI.

Marketing trends force brands to consider light damage

The latest trends in beverage and dairy are forcing companies to consider the potentially damaging effects of light on product quality.

Fraunhofer develops nano-thin coating to enhance shelf life

A breakthrough technology that coats polymer films with an ultra-thin clear barrier layer to enhance product shelf-life has been unveiled by the Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology.

CO2 process could herald new dawn for heat sensitive liquids

Carbon dioxide (CO2) under pressure could rise to the top in terms of alternatives to conventional heat treatments for liquids but must be used in unison with stress inducers such as modified atmosphere packaging and lower pH to render microbes ineffective and extend shelf life, claim researchers.

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