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Dole claims its banana packaging extends shelf life by nearly a week

By Joe Whitworth , 10-Aug-2012
Last updated on 10-Aug-2012 at 12:55 GMT2012-08-10T12:55:52Z

Dole Fresh Fruit has launched banana packaging that it claims can keep the fruit fresher for up to six days longer.

Dole FreshPack has two pouches so one side can be opened and the other saved for later.

Dole Fresh Fruit, the subsidiary of Dole, said the bag has microperforations which slows the ripening process by reducing the concentration of oxygen around the bananas and increasing the level of carbon dioxide.

Natural process

Bil Goldfield, communications manager at Dole Fresh Fruit, told it was a naturally ripening process with no chemical interference.

The FreshPack bag is designed with microperforations that control the atmosphere surrounding our bananas, preserving their freshness.

“The technology of the bag reduces the concentration of oxygen and increases the level of carbon dioxide - the bananas take a “nap” until you open the bag.

“The unopened side stays “asleep” while the opened side is ripe and ready to enjoy.”

In an emailed response, Goldfield did not answer when asked who created the packaging and the timings of the trial in Texas.

Dole Fresh Fruit worked with Market Street United and United Supermarkets to test the packaging which is now available throughout the US.

Banana spoilage

“Dole’s FreshPack makes it possible for health-minded consumers to enjoy fresh bananas on their schedule, and eliminate the need to throw away over-ripened fruit.

“Since 87 per cent of US households purchase bananas, the potential of FreshPack to reduce banana spoilage is significant,” he said.

“Consumers are making fewer trips to the supermarket due to continually rising gas prices – and Dole’s FreshPack gives them the peace of mind to buy more bananas without worrying about them going to waste.”

He added there were no plans to extend the packaging to other fruits in the Dole range at this time.

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