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Hip, hip, hooray—we just topped 4K!

By Jenni Spinner+


FoodProductionDaily passing the 4,000-follower mark on Twitter has caused some excitement.
FoodProductionDaily passing the 4,000-follower mark on Twitter has caused some excitement.

The team of FoodProductionDaily has something to celebrate—the number of industry professionals following us on Twitter just passed the 4,000 mark.

Through our Twitter feed (which you can read and follow by going here ), we have been sharing breaking news on food processing developments, events, packaging technology and other relevant information. It looks like our work has paid off; each day, more and more industry leaders are connecting with us on Twitter to follow FPD news and engage with our staff.

If you aren't following FPD on Twitter, you might want to start. It's a good place to keep up on the latest happenings with big consumer goods firms like Kraft and Tyson; hear about emerging technologies from packaging giants like Tetra Pak; and follow crucial regulatory and safety issues emerging from the US Food and Drug Administration, the European Food Safety Authority and other influential agencies.

In addition to FPD's Twitter feed, there are other ways to keep connected with FPD and other industry members. Please take a moment to check these out and engage with FPD, so you don't miss a thing.


You probably know that LinkedIn is a networking site connecting professionals from all sorts of companies, industries and operational levels. The site currently has more than 200m members, including millions of food industry folks, looking to solve perplexing problems, share news about jobs, brag about accomplishments and more.

As a member of FPD's LinkedIn group (which you can find here ), you'll be able to rub elbows with top minds from all levels of the food manufacturing and packaging business. Our members meet on the page to discuss hot topics and hash out common concerns.


Another reason we're smiling around the FPD office—our Facebook page (check it out here ) just surpassed the 400 mark. Much like our LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, the number of food and packaging industry professionals connecting with us here is growing every day.

The social networking site has come a long way since its origins as a place for college kids to swap pics and send party invites. Today, the site is used by major companies and working people alike to spread important business news and connect with like-minded folks on crucial issues.

FPD mobile

As a hard-working 21st-century food industry pro, you probably don't go anywhere without your smartphone. If that's the case, you should consider plugging into FPD's mobile site.

On FPD mobile, you can keep connected with the latest food and packaging news, from anywhere in the world. You can read breaking news, share stories with colleagues, and lend your own expert insight to articles. Learn more about the mobile site by going here.

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