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Chromatograph measures trace gas impurities

A new gas chromatograph monitors trace impurities in carbon dioxide (CO2), helping food andbeverage makers ensure the quality of their products.

Rosemary packaging extends meat shelf life

Spanish researchers have found a way to keep meat looking pink and fresh on the shelf, withoutthe use of carbon monoxide.

In-house nitrogen generator cuts food firms' costs

A new compressed air generator allows processors to make their own nitrogen, used in the food and drink industry to extend shelf life.

High speed labeller ups efficiency, firm claims

A new machine can put labels on both oblong-shaped containers and round bottles at high speeds, claims its manufacturer.

Smart label indicates accidental freezing

A new label on the market can indicate when temperature sensitive products have been accidentally frozen during transport or storage.

Bulk imports could beat wine bottle waste

Importing wine to Britain in bulk and bottling it in lighter glass would save money and help the environment, says a recycling agency, which has signed up supermarkets and wine...

Barbeque pouch targets convenience market

Processors now have a means of putting a barbeque in a bag.

BASF hikes price for biodegradable plastic

BASF has raised prices for its biodegradable plastic Ecoflex by 20 per cent.

Heat-resistant on-the-go packaging developed

A microwaveable tray for convenience foods has been developed to ensure consumer safety when handling hot food.

Sainsbury's makes major switch to biodegradable packging

Sainsbury's will become first major retailer to shift to the large scale use of biodegradable packaging, putting pressure on food processors to make the conversion.

Consumers want energy-based labelling says EUFIC

Most consumers prefer an energy-based approach to nutrition information on food labels, according to new research conducted by the European Food Information Council (EUFIC).

Flow-wrapper combines MAP and vacuum packaging

A new flow-wrapper on the market allows manufacturers to produce cheaper packs with the same shelf life as thermoformed ones, its manufacturer claims.

Labeling machine adapts to different cylinders

A new labelling machine can cope with both oblong-shaped containers and round bottles at increased labeling speeds, says its designer.

Labeling machine adapts to different cylinders

A new labelling machine can cope with both oblong-shaped containers and round bottles at increased labeling speeds, says its designer.

Edible packaging seen as next wave of innovation

Edible coatings based on various mixes of milk serum proteins, starch, and mesquite gum could be the basis for the next innovative wave in food packaging, says a researcher in...

Styrene study 'misleading', says industry organisation

Research by a government agency in Germany indicating that styrene could cause tumours in humans are "misleading and unnecessarily worrying", an industry organisation claims.

Trial supports recycled plastic milk bottles in UK

Work on the UK's first factory able to recycle HDPE resin from plastic milk bottles for re-use in food packaging could start within a year, according to a government-funded recycling...

Additive gives backbone to biodegradable packaging

A new petrochemical additive on the market reduces the brittleness of biodegradable polylactic acid (PLA) packaging, according to its manufacturer.

Waste management proposal could lead to more costs

A proposed revision to the EU's waste management policy would give preferential treatment to reusable packaging, such as bottles, over recyclable materials.

Metallised film provides eye-catching label

A new metallised film could offer food packagers a way to catch the eye of jaded consumers.

Produce packaging grows with health trends

The demand for produce packaging is expected to surpass $4.3bn by 2010 fuelled by shifting consumer trends and hikes in material costs, says a new report.

Amcor uses oxygen-scavenging PET for wine

Amcor has taken out a license to bottle wine using Constar International's oxygen-scavenging polyethylene terephthalate (PET).

Stanelco to expand tests of its Greenseal technology

UK-based Stanelco will begin testing the use of its radio frequency technology heat sealing method with a food packaging company within the next two months, according to a company spokesperson.

Robotic packer separates the bottles from the jars

A portable, vision-guided robotic packer can orient and pack molded bottles, jars, and caps, allowing smaller processors an affordable means of automating their lines.

Carton loader for your average manufacturer

An automated carton end-loader will bridge the gap between large production lines and small-scale operations, giving quick labour-saving options for medium-sized manufacturers, says its developer.

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