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Germany among top packaging suppliers to food sector

Germany remains a world giant in the packaging material and machine sector, with a high demand, especially for plastics, about to reach record levels according to a new report.

Packaging infuses product with aromas

A plastic packaging can infuse aromas into food and drink products without changing a their composition, developers claim.

New machine to revolutionise ink-only labeling

A new ink labeling machine cuts costs, increases production speeds and is safer to use than traditional methods, its manufacturers claim.

PET recycling rates increase across EU

European post-consumer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) collection recycling rates reached 796,000 tonnes in 2005, a 15.1 per cent increase over the previous year, according to a trade association.

Alcan to close UK snack packing plant

As part of a plan to cut costs, Alcan said it will close a snack food packaging plant in the UK due to declining demand.

Labelling machine targets small processors

A labelling machine designed for cyndrical packaging istargeted at small processors who want to automate their packaging lines.

Bag packer designed for food sector

A new machine for the food sector operates at up to 120 bags per minute in a continuous mode, its manufacturer claims.

Cool packaging

Self-cooling bottles possible with shrink film, scientists say

A shrink technology that binds solar cells and heat pumpsonto surfaces could lead to the development of self-cooling soda bottles,scientists say.

Self-refrigerating can ready for market, companies claim

A new self-refrigerating can lowers beverage temperature bya minimum of 16.7° C in just three minutes, its developers claim.

Studies look at lengthening shelf life of fresh cut produce

A combination of specific packaging films, cleaning chemicals and modified atmospheres can lengthen the shelf life of fruit and vegetable varieties, according to studies by the US Department of Agriculture...

Laser marker "fastest in world", company claims

Keyence is claiming that its new CO2 high resolution laser marker is the world's fastest.

Polypropylene packaging machine cuts costs, manufacturer claims

A thermoforming, filling and sealing machine for cups can save food packagers up to 35 per cent in material costs, its manufacturer claims.

MAP packaging machine runs cheaper, manufacturer claims

A new packaging system provides an extended shelf life for fresh food products without using the more expensive thermoforming process, its Swiss-based manufacturer claims.

Pressure tester gauges quality of packaging material

A new pressure tester compensates for temperature and also predicts shelf life, helping food and beverage packagers to ensure the quality of their products.

Software speeds up plastic bottle design, company claims

A Singapore-based company has created new software it claims will speed up the process of designing plastic bottles.

Packaging industry attempts to pass on high input costs

The global packaging industry has struggled through another quarter of high input costs at the start of this year, according to a report from Standard and Poor's.

Retail packaging causes green controversy

Britain's National Federation of Women's Institutes (NFWI) has this week launched a campaign highlighting supermarkets' wasteful packaging policies, but industry experts insist under-packaging causes more waste.

Packager sees opportunity in biodegradable products

A Canadian company has introduction of a range of fibre-base biodegradable packaging products targeting the food industry in North America.

European plastics suppliers responding to change, says report

With increased competition from Asia and high oil prices hitting their margins, European plastic providers are changing the way they operate by improving technical innovation and product branding; adopting new...

Rectangular bottle targeted at hot fill beverages

A rectangular polyethylene terephthalate (PET) container for hot fill beverages offers increased strength and packs at a greater density, claims its manufacturer.

Demand for plastic packaging forecast to grow by about 5%

US demand for plastic containers is expected to grow 4.6 per cent annually through 2010 to be worth about $24 billion, held up in part by the current popularity of...

Wild to develop aseptic pouch filling centre in Italy

Wild has acquired an Italy-based machine manufacturer and plans to leverage the purchase by developing a new plant for the aseptic filling of spouted pouches.

New Tetra Pak cereal packaging could boost product appeal

Ready-to-pour cereal products in packaging that has until now been associated with juice cartons could be the new way to improve the appeal of products and add consumer value, according...

Bakers association says laser marking product passes tests

The American Bakers Association (ABA) has successfully tested laser marking for inscribing variable information on polyethylene bread bags, according to the manufacturer of a coding product.

Delhaize expands biodegradable packaging switch

With Belgium-based supermarket Delhaize opting to adopt biodegradable packaging for prepared salads, retailer mandates are just around the corner.

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