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Waste reduction key to manufacturing success

Food manufacturers could save up to £1,000 per employee by using more effective waste management techniques, says UK-based environmental agency Envirowise.

Company develops food safety indicators for packaging

A Toronto-based company has developed diagnostic packaging inserts that will let buyers know whether food is fresh and safe to eat.

Packagers target wine makers with plastic bottles

At least two packagers are attempting to cash in on the growing demand for wine bottled in plastic at an industry showcase being held in Sacramento this week.

Aseptic screw cap opens easier, manufacturer claims

A new aseptic screw cap opens easier as packers can apply it after a beverage carton is coated and filled, its manufacturer claims.

Demand for plastics down in Europe as price hikes kick in

Recent price hikes for petroleum-based plastics seem to have led to a downturn in demand in Europe, according to a market analyst report.

Straw war: company launches suit against Nestlé

An Australian company has taken Nestlé to court in the UK over the rights to a flavouring beverage straw.

Food packers get access to design process

Food companies can now get directly involved in designing the plastic packaging for their products, through a special workshop created by Graham Packaging.

Amcor to develop flexible, biodegradable packaging

Amcor has teamed up with Plantic Technologies to develop a biodegradable, flexible plastic packaging for confectionary.

Plastic compound helps packagers downgauge

A new plastic compound produces a thinner food package, allowing processors to downgauge and cut costs, according to its manufacturer.

Handy packaging drives snacking mega-trend

Manufacturers must adapt an innovative packaging design and marketing approach to tap burgeoning consumer demand for on-the-go snacking, says report.

Growth in convenience foods drives use of barrier films

The growth in the grab-and-go food market is pushing processors toward using more barrier film packaging, according to a US study.

Machine automates confectionery bar packing

An automated machine for packing cereal and confectionery bars into cartons helps manufacturers speed up their production lines and cuts down on labour costs, its manufacturer claims.

Variable barcode printer meets demand for high speed processing

A variable-data barcode label printer can run at a top speed of 15 inches per second, making it one of the fastest such machines available in the market.

Roundup: Food packaging innovation driven by social trends

New food packaging indicates that innovation in the industry continues to be driven by fast changing social trends and the increasing consumer demand for convenience and safety.

Tough polyethylene resin developed for frozen food packaging

A new polyethylene resin provides a tough packaging while being able to be easily processed, its manufacturer claims.

Biodegradable plasticiser developed as phthalate replacement

A biodegradable plasticiser can be be used in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) packaging as a replacement for for phthalates, a chemical linked with infertility in men.

Grants boost UK research into less wasteful packaging

H J Heinz, Northern Foods, Geest Mariner Foods and International Food Partners (IFP) are among those granted UK public funds yesterday to develop less wasteful packaging.

Plastic packaging additive cuts out taste and odors

A new plastics additive removes taste and odor molecules as they pass through food packaging, its developer claims.

Container aimed at reusable packaging market

A new lighter reusable container from Linpac is designed for blow molded bottles, PET preforms, snack foods and vacuum formed trays.

Machine sorts the packages from the pallets

A new machine automates the assembly and delivery of mixed pallet loads, regardless of the size, shape, layer pattern or weight, according to its Netherlands-based manufacturer.

New technique allows photo-realistic printing on plastic containers

A Netherlands-based company claims to have developed a breakthrough technique for printing containers used for spreads, fats and edible oils.

Tetra Pak launches clear, aseptic package for beverages

Tetra Pak has launched what it calls the world's first clear aseptic package.

Multi-head thermal printer built for high speed lines

A multi-head thermal transfer printer has been designed to meet the high throughput of a variety of multi-lane packaging machines.

Microwavable sleeve designed to absorb oil

Graphics Packaging has designed a microwavable sleeve to absorb the oil exuded as fatty foods are cooked.

Ink prices to rise by six to ten per cent

Sun Chemical will increase the prices in Europe for it inks by between six to 10 per cent, marking another rise in packaging imput costs for processors.

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