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Thermal printer adjusts to variable line speeds

A high-speed thermal transfer printer for flexible packaging released on the market is designed to quickly adjust to variable speeds on the line.

Getting the seal right on food packaging

A new tester from Ircon is designed to rapidly and automatically inspect thermal seal quality during production and packaging processes.

Multi-head printer designed for high output plants

Norwood Marking Systems claims its new machine is the only multi-head thermal transfer printer designed to match the high production output of a variety of multi-lane packaging machines.

Unilever opens new production centre in China

Anglo-Dutch consumer goods group Unilever opened a global production centre in China this week, which will include a new packaging plant for Lipton tea.

Edible milk protein skin opens new packaging opportunity

An edible and water-resistant milk protein could become the next packaging hit for dairy processors.

Film technology allows downgauging, faster production

Borstar introduces a new grade of polyethylene (PE) film along with an upgrade to its technology, which the company claims will help food packagers to downgauge and increase production speeds.

Tetra goes retro with re-introduction of classic package

Tetra Pak is going retro by reintroducing its namesake four-cornered packaging, one that turned the Sweden-based company into an industry powerhouse.

Koros targets plastic packaging rise in Russia

Russian manufacturer Koros has bought a new production line to make cell polypropylene in reaction to the growing popularity of plastic packaging.

Consumers and regulators push food packaging innovations

The rising consumer demand for improved quality, extended shelf life and environmentally-friendly products, along with increased regulations in the EU is pushing innovation in the food packaging sector, Frost &...

Coloured wrapper gives yeast a longer life

New coatings on cellophane film designed to wrap large blocks of yeast used in bakery processing plants could help managers ensure the ingredient remains alive and no contamination ends up...

Sealed Air adds resealable applicator to line up

The European launch of an adhesive-based resealable packaging system will help food processors make the add on to their production lines without slowing down operations, its manufacturer claims.

Adhesive hot melts at lower temperature, reduces downtime

A hot melt adhesive for packing lines can make bonds at a lower temperature than other products on the market and reduces downtime, according to the manufacturer.

Eco-friendly paperboard clip built for multi-pack products

Graphic Packaging says it has teamed up with Eco-Pak to produce an environmentally-friendly paperboard clip for multi-packs.

Amcor to start producing biodegradable bottles

If you can't beat them then you have to join them. One of the world's largest providers of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has announced it is investigating the potential for a...

Single-serve PET ready for Italy's regulatory change

Proposed regulatory changes in the Italian market has led a Canadian machine maker to team up with two other companies in developing what they say is a cheaper way of...

Polymer price hikes set to push packing costs even higher

Amcor, the world's largest producer of PET, is pushing for a third round of price increases this year, while a report forecasts polymer prices are set to hit new highs...

Fill, seal machine targets small companies, seasonal production

Packaging Automation has launched a filling and sealing machine aimed at smaller companies.

Wal-Mart signals move to natural packaging

In much the same way it has been at the forefront in driving RFID technology up through the supply chain, the world's largest retailer is leading the way in switching...

Leak proof zipper seal expands options for liquids

Zip-Pak has introduced a leak proof design to it line of reclosable seals for plastic packaging.

Motion control system targets three types of budget

Software modified for three sizes of budgets offers real-time motion control from six up to forty axes for food and beverage packaging operations.

As oil price rise, company launches lower-cost polymer

In the face of steep increases in the price of oil-based packaging continuing to rise, Ticona says it has developed a lower-cost grade of polymer for food products.

Plastic container growth set to continue, despite oil price hike

Consumer demand for more convenient prepared foods, trends toward value-added packaging and the growing use of plastic, cups and pouches, are driving the steady growth in the use of food...

Companies fund EU packaging and consumer study

In a bid that could help food processors pick the best marketable package for their products, European associations have launched a consumer study to find out their concerns.

Portable analyser measures gas in meat packages

A hand-held headspace analyser is the first in the field to measure carbon monoxide levels in modified and controlled-atmosphere packaging (MAP) for case-ready meat, its manufacturerclaims.

Plastic insert provides fresh mix for vitamin drinks

A new type of plastic container insert has been developed to dissolve dry ingredients in a liquid after the tab has been pulled.

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