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Packaging preserves food throughout the supply chain of distribution, storage, sale, and use and carries information about nutrition and storage on its labels. Without it, goods can become exposed and contaminated. It can also refer to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages.

M&G expands to target high-performance PET market

Italy-based chemical group Gruppo Mossi & Ghisolfi (M&G) is constructing a new high-performance PET plant in South America, warning that the commodity market is becoming seriously oversupplied, writes Anthony Fletcher....

Tetra Pak confirms interest in Chinese potential

European packaging giant Tetra Pak has opened a new liquid food packaging plant in Beijing, the latest step in its bid to profit from the rising Chinese interest in dairy...

Microvoided resin achieves 40% higher label yield

Eastman Chemical Company claims that its new 'microvoided' copolyester shrink-label resin, Embrace High Yield, can increase label yields up to 40 per cent compared to other high shrink resins.

Ball expands heat-set PET bottle line

Ball has expanded its line of Heat-Tek PET plastic bottles to meet growing demand for both plastic packaging and healthier products.

Focus on packaging in supply chain safety

US-based packaging distributor Hughes Enterprises argues that attention to packaging is vital in ensuring total supply chain safety.

Rexam gains foothold in Mexican can market

Global packaging group Rexam, the world's leading beverage can supplier, has acquired the 50 per cent shareholding it does not own in the Mexican beverage can business, Vitro-American National Can...

Joint PET bottle coating venture formed

A new company dedicated to developing and manufacturing coating modules for use in beverage filling machines has been created through an alliance of SIG Corpoplast and technology group Schott.

Elopak curves up the packaging market

Leading Norwegian dairy TINE has launched Smak, a range of three lactose-reduced milks, using Elopak's new Pure-Pak Curve cartons with Pure-Cap UE screw caps.

Spreads marketed as healthy snack options

Savoury spreads are growing in variety as snack alternatives become increasingly popular in Central and Eastern Europe. And looking at the region's latest launches for this category it is clear...

Dairy innovation offers hope for UK packaging industry

The UK packaging market has become saturated and highly competitive due to an influx of packaging firms from the EU. But could innovation within the UK dairy sector represent a...

Exopack develops salt packaging solution

Flexible packaging specialist Exopack has developed a patented two-handle plastic bag for the Cargill Salt Business Unit of Cargill, one of the world's largest marketers of salt products.

Packaging innovations from acquisitive Bradman Lake

Automated packaging developer Bradman Lake is launching its latest robotic top load cartoner for throughputs of up to 300ppm, an innovation that the group hopes will build on its international...

Chiquita packages bananas with Landec membrane technology

Landec subsidiary Apio is to supply banana giant Chiquita with its patented Intelimer packaging technology.

German deposit system a mockery, claims report

A report on Germany's packaging regulations claims that single-use PET beverage bottles are as ecologically sound as refillable glass, making a mockery of the controversial deposit system, writes Anthony Fletcher.

UK meeting on flexible packaging

The use of flexible packaging to transport, distribute and market products such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and foods has expanded rapidly over the past decade and this trend is set to...

Variety spices up processed meats

Looking at the range of processed meat products being launched onto the Eastern European market at the present time bears witness to the increasingly ambitious recipes that the region's food...

Menasha unveils dual ovenable corrugated baking vessel

Food packaging group Menasha has launched a range of patented food baking, packaging, and merchandising containers for the bakery industry.

Flexible packaging revolution in Eastern Europe

Food manufacturers in Eastern Europe are making greater use of flexible packaging in order to increase product variety and attract consumers.

Eastman makes PET resin production breakthough

Eastman Chemical, the world's leading supplier of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for packaging, claims to have made a breakthrough in the manufacture of PET resin.

US rigid food packaging market set to increase

The plastic rigid food packaging market in North America reached about 10.3 billion pounds in 2003 and is expected to increase to over 13.6 billion pounds by 2008 at an...

Researchers uncover benefits of wheat-based packaging

Could environmentally-friendly biodegradable containers made from wheat starch eventually replace traditional polystyrene-based products? Only if the price is right, reports Anthony Fletcher.

Growth in yoghurt fuels innovative launches

Yoghurt has long been a favourite food in central and eastern Europe, so it is not surprising to look at the latest launches in the region for that category and...

US demand for produce packaging to increase

US demand for produce packaging is projected to increase 5.1 per cent per annum (including price increases) to $3.6 billion in 2008, claims a new report.

GPI launches new aseptic packaging system

Gold Peg International (GPI) has launched an aseptic packaging system that it claims eliminates the need for expensive refrigeration of end food products.

BASF to increase prices for styrenic plastics

Chemical giant BASF has increased the price of its styrene polymers Polystyrene (PS), Terluran (ABS) and Luran (SAN) by €250 per metric ton in Europe as of 1 September, blaming...