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Packaging preserves food throughout the supply chain of distribution, storage, sale, and use and carries information about nutrition and storage on its labels. Without it, goods can become exposed and contaminated. It can also refer to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages.

Multivac launches cutting edge traysealer

Multivac has unveiled a comprehensive new range of packaging machines at Emballage 2004 in Paris, France. The star of the show, according to Multivac spokeswoman Sandrine Lettelier, is the T350,...

Plastic bag bill promises to clean up Scotland

Liberal Democrat MSP Mike Pringle tells how his private bill to place a levy on plastic bags in Scotland will benefit retailers, consumers and the environment. Anthony Fletcher reports....

Herma joins RFID alliance

German self-adhesive label specialist Herma has joined the internationally active RFID working group Licon Logistics asa new member. The move taps into the growing alliance between packaging providers created by...

Recyclable moisture barrier packaging developed

Appleton has introduced a linerboard for food packaging that features a moisture barrier coating.

Are biodegradable plastic bags the answer to cutting waste?

Biodegradable plastic bags have been developed in Canada, but evidence from Ireland suggests that the most effective means of cutting down on plastic bag pollution is to introduce a tax....

Elopak develops carton for South African market

Elopak, the Norwegian-based packaging group, has designed a carton which it hopes will allow it to exploit the growing opportunity for dairy-based beverages in the South African market, Tom Armitage...

Starbucks joins recycled packaging revolution

Starbucks has promised to use beverage packaging containing 10 per cent recycled material from 2005, though environmentalists have criticised the corporation's commitment.

Tetra Prisma - the future of wine packaging?

A US wine maker is packaging its Vendange product in 500ml Tetra Prisma containers, in a bid to break out of the confines of traditional wine packaging.

Brand protected through packaging coding system

UK snack manufacturer Ginsters has installed a package coding management system (PCMS) in order to increase packaging and coding accuracy and protect its lucrative brand name.

Brand awareness driven by natural packaging

Two beverage companies in the US have adopted natural biodegradable packaging to help them differentiate their new products in what is a highly competitive marketplace. Anthony Fletcher reports.

Flexible packaging guide outlines good practice

A new study designed to help packaging firms appreciate the key factors influencing the integrity of heat processed rigid and flexible containers has been published.

Huhtamaki launches single-use biodegrable packaging

Finnish packaging giant Huhtamaki has launched a complete range of single-use cold drink cups, plates, containers and cutlery based on renewable raw materials.

New waxed cheese labelling method launched

Direct labelling on to whole waxed cheeses has always presented a particularly challenging set of requirements for the labeling sector.

New rice carton targets premium-end market

Designer packaging for staple foods such as rice may still be a novel idea, but could catch on following the success of Riseria Taverne.

Oxygen scavenging packaging cuts spoilage

A new range of oxygen absorbents promises to help dairy processors and cheese manufacturers better protect their products from spoilage.

Rexam buys out China can manufacturer

Rexam, the UK-based global packaging company, has reached an agreement to acquire the 40 per cent shareholding it does not own in the Chinese beverage can business, Rexam Beverage Can...

Russia: Niche packaging markets showing growth

A number of lucrative niche markets are opening up in the Russian food packaging industry, nestling alongside broader trends towards convenient, lighter packaging, as Chris Mercer finds out.

Russia: Flexible packaging set to dominate

Consumers and producers are united in their desire for lighter, functional packaging on the Russian food market, driving the development of plastics and paper in the dairy, bakery and confectionery...

Advanced terpolymers developed for better packaging

Borealis has developed new advanced Borseal terpolymers to improve biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP), a raw material used in clear film packaging.

New product hits growing protective packaging sector

Automated Packaging Systems has launched a third-generation protective packaging system to take advantage of a sector that is predicted to grow by 5.2 per cent annually through to 2008.

Ice cream packaging concept to lure impulsive UK consumers

A UK firm has come up with an innovative packaging and processing solution that will allow smaller retailers to create their own branded ice-cream products at the point of sale...

German dairy modernises curd cheese operations

A German dairy processor has attempted to shake up the complacency of the sector by investing in more innovative packaging and aggressively seeking to modernise its production operations.

Non-PVC stretch wrap to shake up US film market

The distributor of a non-PVC stretch wrap believes that its innovation could shake up the $700 million North American stretch film market and beyond.

Stora Enso moves into Polish packaging

Swedish-Finnish packaging giant, Stora Enso, has bought it way into the increasingly lucrative Polish market by taking a majority stake in one of the country's leading pulp and paper suppliers.

Report predicts boom in premium packaging

Western Europe's frozen food packaging sector is predicted to grow strongly, and there will be greater emphasis on both environmentally-friendly and premium packaging in the future, according to a new...