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Packaging preserves food throughout the supply chain of distribution, storage, sale, and use and carries information about nutrition and storage on its labels. Without it, goods can become exposed and contaminated. It can also refer to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages.

German deposit system a mockery, claims report

A report on Germany's packaging regulations claims that single-use PET beverage bottles are as ecologically sound as refillable glass, making a mockery of the controversial deposit system, writes Anthony Fletcher.

UK meeting on flexible packaging

The use of flexible packaging to transport, distribute and market products such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and foods has expanded rapidly over the past decade and this trend is set to...

Variety spices up processed meats

Looking at the range of processed meat products being launched onto the Eastern European market at the present time bears witness to the increasingly ambitious recipes that the region's food...

Menasha unveils dual ovenable corrugated baking vessel

Food packaging group Menasha has launched a range of patented food baking, packaging, and merchandising containers for the bakery industry.

Flexible packaging revolution in Eastern Europe

Food manufacturers in Eastern Europe are making greater use of flexible packaging in order to increase product variety and attract consumers.

Eastman makes PET resin production breakthough

Eastman Chemical, the world's leading supplier of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) for packaging, claims to have made a breakthrough in the manufacture of PET resin.

US rigid food packaging market set to increase

The plastic rigid food packaging market in North America reached about 10.3 billion pounds in 2003 and is expected to increase to over 13.6 billion pounds by 2008 at an...

Researchers uncover benefits of wheat-based packaging

Could environmentally-friendly biodegradable containers made from wheat starch eventually replace traditional polystyrene-based products? Only if the price is right, reports Anthony Fletcher.

Growth in yoghurt fuels innovative launches

Yoghurt has long been a favourite food in central and eastern Europe, so it is not surprising to look at the latest launches in the region for that category and...

US demand for produce packaging to increase

US demand for produce packaging is projected to increase 5.1 per cent per annum (including price increases) to $3.6 billion in 2008, claims a new report.

GPI launches new aseptic packaging system

Gold Peg International (GPI) has launched an aseptic packaging system that it claims eliminates the need for expensive refrigeration of end food products.

BASF to increase prices for styrenic plastics

Chemical giant BASF has increased the price of its styrene polymers Polystyrene (PS), Terluran (ABS) and Luran (SAN) by €250 per metric ton in Europe as of 1 September, blaming...

Rexam rides out rocketing raw material costs

Rexam, the world's largest manufacturer of drinks cans, has managed to avoid the impact of higher raw material costs through canny business decisions such as relying on the buying power...

SIG beverage focus pays dividends

Swiss processing and packaging equipment provider SIG has reported a significant increase in its net profits for the first half of the year, a result that sees the company pulling...

Frozen veg nudge cans out

Traditionally eastern Europe has tended towards the consumption of canned vegetables as a source of fresh foods during the long and often harsh winters. However, frozen and chilled vegetables are...

Pull the perfect pint…at home

Interbrew, the giant Belgium brewer, has teamed up with electronics group Philips to create a new dispensing system which it claims will allow consumers to enjoy the taste and experience...

The next step in banana packaging

Landec Corporation, a US-based developer and marketer of technology-based polymer products for fresh foods has been given patenting from the European Patent Office for its banana packaging technology - a...

UK market leading the way in convenience packaging

Packaging provider Superfos has gained hygiene standard approval from the Institute of Packaging and the British Retail Consortium. With the UK public being the leading per capita consumers of convenience...

More label space

Canadian company, IdeaPacked Communications, has developed new labelling technology for the nutraceutical and dietary supplements industry. It is said to provide a more efficient and cost-effective means of multi-functional labelling...

Spreads and fats diversify

The market for fats and spreads in eastern Europe is rapidly diversifying, whilst rapidly expanding. Furthermore the latest product launches from the Mintel databases in this segment indicate that functionality...

Cooking sauces show increasing diversity

Cooking sauces have been identified as one of the main driving forces behind the rapid growth of the sauces and condiments market in central and eastern Europe in recent years....

Scientists create healthy edible packaging

US scientists have designed an edible film made from natural ingredients that protects foods coated in the material from spoiling. The film can also hold vitamins and other nutrients within...

Krones pushes packaging technology

Packaging and bottling systems provider Krones has developed a new high-speed packing tray capable of running at up to 100 cycles per minute and a new PET-Asept Filling System for...

Teikoku revolutionises counterfeit-proof packaging

Japan-based engineering firm Teikoku Piston Ring has developed a hologram identification label that brings anti-counterfeiting packaging to new levels.

Co-op launches 100% degradable wrapping

The Co-op is launching the UK's first ever 100 per cent degradable plastic bread wrappers after a survey suggested six out of 10 retailers should use only degradable or bio-degradable materials.