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Forum seeks to tap Indian labelling potential

Self-adhesive label trade association FINAT is to create a forum between European and Indian labelling industries in order to give companies in both regions a better chance of doing business...

Aseptic cold filling seen as next wave in processing

COLOGNE, Germany: Aseptic cold filling is being promoted here at a four-day conference on food technology as another solution to meeting the demand for minimally processed foods and drinks.

Innovia targets confectionery with green packaging

A metallised biodegradable film targeting the confectionery business has been launched by Innovia Films.

Proposals made to amend weighing standards for meat, poultry

The federal government's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) wants to amend weighing standards for meat and poultry products.

Food processor hunts for new cooked pasta packing process

A food company is on the hunt for experts to develop equipment that can package cooked pasta more efficiently, according to an anonymous proposal put forward by a consultancy.

Treofan and NatureWorks link up to market biodegradable film

German-based Treofan has entered into a new agreement with US-based NatureWorks to market its biodegradable film to food packagers.

Wrinkle-free film launched in European market

A wrinkle-free pack film for confectionary products has been launched into the European market.

Printer designed for coding dairy products

A printer has been launched on the market specifically designed for coding dairy products.

New paper label grade designed for high speed breweries

A new paper grade for self-adhesive labels used by breweries has been developed for high-speed production.

Packaging trays created out of metal-detectable plastic

A range of trays and depanning suction cups are the latest products to be made out of metal-detectable plastic produced for the food industry by a UK company.

Graham Packaging moves in with Royal Numico

In a move that brings it closer to a key customer, Graham Packaging has opened a new bottle-making plant in Zoetemeer, the Netherlands, on site with Royal Numico.

Shrink label film provides high clarity barrier

A new shrink-label film provides a high-clarity barrier for displaying food products.

Industry wants crackdown against anti-competitive packaging laws

The EU's packaging industry association has called on the European Commission to crackdown on members states who break the rules under the bloc's harmonised system of law.

Stacking robot is fastest in world, company claims

A Spanish company claims to have developed what it calls the fastest robot in the world for the personal care industry.

Rexam ups capacity for non-standard beverage cans

Rexam is catering to increased demand for different sized beverage cans.

Container features snap-off, reclosable cap

A plastic container for potato granules features a snap-off, re-closable cap, eliminating the need for a can opener.

Commission reopens debate on new labelling legislation

The European Commission has reopened debate on harmonising and increasing legislation on food labelling across the bloc, a move that could potentially lead to greater costs for businesses.

UK regulator approves colour-coded nutritional labelling

Over manufacturer's objections the UK's food regulator yesterday approved a colour-coded nutritional labelling scheme for products.

Aluminium foil buyers continue to downgauge

While exports of aluminium foil from Europe rose nine per cent in 2005, internal demand decreased by one per cent as manufacturers continue to downgauge and source material elsewhere.

Smart label senses quality of packaged meat

New smart label technology holds the promise of reducing the chance of spoilt or contaminated meat reaching retail shelves and of increasing consumer confidence in food safety.

Carbon monoxide use 'safe' says industry body

The issue over the use of carbon monoxide additives in meat continues to simmer in the US, with an industry body claiming that the potential food scare is a myth...

UK law would halve limit on ESBO used to seal baby foods

A new draft UK regulation that would halve the allowable limit of epoxidised soybean oil (ESBO) in the polyvinyl chloride gaskets used to seal baby food jars.

Film designed for mixing, batching production

A water soluble film has been designed to meet the demand for the packaging of dry ingredients used in mixing and batching operations within the food processing industry.

Plus Pack launches tamper evident bowl in UK

A new 'tamper evident' bowl with a sealed lid, which can only be removed by breaking the tear flap and 'safety lock' on the packaging, offers food producers a better...

Tetra Pak launches versatile packing line worldwide

Tetra Pak has rolled out it's A3/Flex packaging line worldwide, claiming no other carton packaging line around can offer food producers the same versatility.

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