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Machine pummels crisp bags

A new machine pummels bags made for potato crisps to determine whether they stand up the the pressures of packing machines, transport and time.

Packing industry warns of price hikes

As a further sign that packing companies are about to hike prices in a big way, two of the industry's associations have told customers they should expect to pay more...

Companies search for alternates as polymer prices rise

Biodegradable and recycled packaging may soon become viable alternatives for more food companies as the increasing price of plastics begins to be passed on by suppliers, KPMG states in a...

Impress buys into UK food can market

Dutch company Impress Holdings said its acquisition of Alcan's can making and decorative tinplate container facility will give it a strategic foothold in the UK food can market.

Rexam expands plastic packaging business

Rexam is expanding its plastics packaging business in a tough market, announcing today it has agreed to purchase a US maker of injection-moulded jars and closures for £83m (€123m).

Submersible carton developed for hydrocooling

A company says it has developed a submersible carton that allows fruit and vegetables to remain fresher for a longer period.

Graham Packaging struggles with costs

While Graham Packaging reported sales and operating income rose in the second quarter due to the purchase of Owens-Illinois' plastics unit, the company has still not been able to bring...

Get cubed with side pouring package

Superfos is telling dairy companies to get cubed, as the company launches packaging it says saves palleting space when compared to round rivals.

Smurfit and Kappa close to merger, says report

The merger of Ireland-based Jefferson Smurfit and Dutch firm Kappa Packaging, two of Europe's largest paper packaging companies, is nearing its conclusion, the Irish Times reported.

Aseptic bag aimed at extended shelf life market

A new high-capacity aseptic plastic bag will help food processors meet the demand for extended shelf-life products in the wholesale market, according to the manufacturer.

Rexam passes on aluminium price increases

Rexam, which shed its UK glass unit for a £24m loss earlier this year, said today it has benefited in the first half of 2005 by successfully passing on aluminium...

Aseptic packing: Capitalise on benefits to beat high costs

To beat the high capital costs of converting to aseptic packaging food processors must first decide how to quickly capitalise on the technology's benefits.

UK to increase targets for recycling packaging waste

The UK's food processors will come under greater pressure to ship their products in environmentally-friendly materials after government announced a plan to increase minimum recycling targets for glass and plastics...

Industry to clamp down on organic labelling fraud

The food industry must rapidly stamp out any fraudulent claims for organic food, if integrity and consumer trust is to be maintained.

Investment firm sees opportunity in plastic closures

PAI Partners' purchase of Crown Holdings' international plastic closures business, most of which is based in Europe, could help food processors here if the investment firm is able to make...

Molecular tracer tags rigid, flexible packaging

US company Ampacet has developed molecular tracers that allow manufacturers to monitor flexible and rigid cosmetics plastic packaging - at any stage in the supply chain - to help resolve...

EU countries lax on following packaging waste rules

Although the EU's member states were due to impose tougher laws on recycling packaging waste, only five countries have completed the task, the European Commission said yesterday.

PET bottle hot-fills without ribbing

A new type of plastic bottling technology allows companies to package hot-fill products in containers with smooth rather than ribbed or panelled walls.

Sales of wrapping machines boosted by market trend

The growth in the chilled and prepared foods market has boosted sales of wrap-around or sleeving machines in Europe for one US company.

Portable food packages mark innovation in market

A polymer coated steel bowl wins DuPont's top prize, with other awards for shrink wraps and portable breakfast cups serving as an indication of the direction the food industry is...

Hike in packing prices due S&P says

Food processors can expect the higher raw material costs hitting packagers to be passed on soon depending on their contracts. This means that, depending on contractural obligations, cosmetics and toiletry...

Esterform picks up plant from Alcan

Seeing opportunity in Alcan's restructuring plans, UK's Esterform Packaging has acquired Petplas Packaging from the Canadian company.

Ulma Packaging targets UK's medium-sized market

Ulma Packaging, based in Spain, is attempting to hit the UK's medium-sized food processing market by releasing a number of new packing units in the country, including a modular thermo-forming...

Microwavable package developed for fish products

A microwavable material, made of aluminum and polyester laminated to a paperboard base, will give food processors another option for their ready-to-eat fish products.

Wrap machine features modular units

The Shanklin Omni shrink wrapping machine is built to be taken apart for cleaning and for adding other accessories, a key demand in the current food processing market.

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