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Leak proof zipper seal expands options for liquids

Zip-Pak has introduced a leak proof design to it line of reclosable seals for plastic packaging.

Motion control system targets three types of budget

Software modified for three sizes of budgets offers real-time motion control from six up to forty axes for food and beverage packaging operations.

As oil price rise, company launches lower-cost polymer

In the face of steep increases in the price of oil-based packaging continuing to rise, Ticona says it has developed a lower-cost grade of polymer for food products.

Plastic container growth set to continue, despite oil price hike

Consumer demand for more convenient prepared foods, trends toward value-added packaging and the growing use of plastic, cups and pouches, are driving the steady growth in the use of food...

Companies fund EU packaging and consumer study

In a bid that could help food processors pick the best marketable package for their products, European associations have launched a consumer study to find out their concerns.

Portable analyser measures gas in meat packages

A hand-held headspace analyser is the first in the field to measure carbon monoxide levels in modified and controlled-atmosphere packaging (MAP) for case-ready meat, its manufacturerclaims.

Plastic insert provides fresh mix for vitamin drinks

A new type of plastic container insert has been developed to dissolve dry ingredients in a liquid after the tab has been pulled.

Palletiser speeds up line, stacks fragile beverages

To meet the demand for faster processing lines, Columbia Machine's has developed a speedier palletiser that can stack even the most fragile beverage products, the company claims.

Thin electronic labels could help brand positioning

Cosmetic packaging with eye-catching videos or changing information right on the label could soon be on the shelves with technology being developed by Siemens for commercial release.

Stanelco's starch-based packaging approved in EU

The use of polylactic acid (PLA), a natural, biodegradable food packaging alternative, took another step forward this week, as UK-based Stanelco said its application of the plastic has been approved...

Thermoforming polymer provides cheap, sterile alternative

A thermoformable bottom web provides an economical option for filling and sealing packaging in the frozen foods markets, its manufacturer claims.

Label dispenser targets sector with stainless steel design

LabelMate believes its automatic label dispenser is the first unit of its kind made from stainless-steel specifically for food packaging.

Nanotechnology targets new food packaging products

Exciting new nanotechnology products for food packaging are in the development pipeline or, as in the case of anti-microbial films, have already entered the market, according to a report publishedthis...

Emulsion forms grease proof barrier for packaging

A food-contact safe emulsion developed by a joint US and German company keeps oil, grease and water from penetrating paperboard packages and helps maintain product freshness.

Corn-based polymer packaging targets natural foods

BRUSSELS, Belgium: "We milk the cow and grow the bottle" according to the marketing for organic milk packaged in biodegradable bottles made using a corn-derived polymer.

Oxygen-scavenging PET brings clarity to market

The development of a clear monolayer polyethylene terephthalate (PET) with an oxygen-scavenging barrier could be the impetus companies need in deciding whether to make the conversion to plastic containers from...

Biodegradable film offers alternative to plastics

Innovia has become the latest company to offer biodegradable packaging film as more and more companies look for alternatives to plastics, which are increasing in price.

Sliding seal opens up packaging choice for overwraps

Zip-Pak and Hayssen have developed an overwrap machine using a new sliding seal, allowing processors a greater choice in the type of packaging they can use for sliced and blocked...

Brand loyalty dented by damaged packaging

A new study indicates that processors must chose the toughest packaging they can find for their frozen food products if they hope to retain brand loyalty.

Oxygen absorber preserver contained if cut accidentally

Multisorb says its self-adhesive oxygen absorber now sticks better to packages, helping food processors to eliminate downtime on the production line.

Ultraviolet ink process boosts label printing speed

A new ultraviolet (UV) ink technology dramatically improves production speeds in label printing, saving time and money during the packaging process, according to Sun Chemical.

Intelligent label protects foods against counterfeiting and tampering

A new intelligent label is designed to protect foods against counterfeiting and tampering, a growing problem for high value products.

Three new plastics target frozen, chilled food markets

Nova Chemicals has launched three new plastics for food packaging, aimed at products targeting the growing consumer demand for fresh, healthy and convenient products.

A cool crate targets market for fresh, chilled products

An insulated polystyrene crate for shipping beverages, meat, cheese, and vegetables can be adapted for a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Frozen food carton packaging put through thawing tests

Freezing and thawing tests indicate that coated unbleached kraft paperboard packaging for the food industry stands up better than other products, Graphic Packaging claims.

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