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Packaging preserves food throughout the supply chain of distribution, storage, sale, and use and carries information about nutrition and storage on its labels. Without it, goods can become exposed and contaminated. It can also refer to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages.

RPC launches biodegradable packaging range

A range of biodegradable Polylactide (PLA) containers targeted at environmentally-conscious food packagers has been launched.

UK drives to cut down packaging waste

A groundbreaking £8 million initiative to stimulate innovative packaging design and at the same time significantly reduce food and packaging waste has been launched in the UK.

EVAL completes world's largest EVOH resin plant

EVAL Europe's ethylene vinyl-alcohol (EVOH) copolymer resin plant in Antwerp has become the largest EVOH manufacturing plant in the world.

Avery Dennison develops thermal labelstock

Avery Dennison Roll Materials Europe has launched a direct thermal self-adhesive paper labelstock that it claims offers the same characteristics as more robust thermal transfer labelstocks.

Microwaves driving Polish packaging revolution

Fast-living Poles are continuing to drive a ready meal revolution across their country as the invasion of microwaves into consumer homes grows - bringing plastic trays and cartons to the...

Borealis develops clear freezable packaging

Packaging firm Borealis has introduced Borpact SG930MO, a clarified polypropylene (PP) plastic, to satisfy growing consumer demand for transparent packaging that is deep freeze resistant.

Beer bottle filler promises top quality performance

KHS has launched a computer-controlled, short-tube beer bottle filler that it claims offers packagers some of the best results possible.

Amcor heralds PET beer bottle revolution

A new PET beer bottle for the German market may suggest increasing acceptance of the material as a viable beer-packaging format, but some still have environmental concerns, writes Anthony Fletcher.

Europe deregulates packaging sizes

The European Commission has adopted a proposal to deregulate pack sizes for a whole range of consumer products such as ice cream, frozen food, low alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.

Tetra Pak launches filler for emerging drinks markets

Tetra Pak has launched what it describes as a low investment carton packaging solution ideal for manufacturers looking to penetrate lucrative new chilled beverage markets.

3-D software pushes packaging possibilities

UK-based design company TMB Patterns has adopted cutting edge software that enables it to add logos, pictures or other decorations to packaging, and by implication add value to a product.

Industry body prescribes aluminium foil image change

Bill Morris, the newly elected president of the European Aluminium FoilAssociation (EAFA), believes that the industry needs to better communicate to food packagers the benefits of using the material.

Sun Chemical price increase hits packagers

Sun Chemical has increased the price of all packaging inks and coatings by three to seven per cent this month, blaming rising petrochemical costs that could affect the entire packaging...

No end in sight for rising steel costs, claim analysts

Packagers can expect no relief, in the near term at least, from the upward pressure of steel raw material costs according to industry analyst MEPS.

Lighter, thinner packaging growing rapidly in Poland

Thin, flexible and easy to handle - that is the major food packaging trend emerging on the Polish market, helped along by rising sales of dairy products and new hygiene...

Pliant wins packaging research contracts

Packaging manufacturer Pliant has been awarded several significant R&D contracts worth $5.1 million from the US government to conduct leading edge research on food packaging.

Scientists push boundaries of bacteria-fighting film

Scientists in Germany have applied a medical profession technique to create bacteria-fighting packaging that can be applied to liquid products such as milk.

Confectionery 'drawer' wins packaging award

Field Packaging, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chesapeake Corporation, recently won the top award in the confectionery category at the 2004 Pro Carton/ECMA (European Carton Manufacturers Association) Carton Awards annual...

Aroma-measuring device for packaging developed

A unique measuring device capable of measuring how much aroma is penetrating a material is being developed at Iggesund Paperboard's laboratory for sensory and chemical analyses in Strömsbruk, Sweden.

Alcoa restructures global operations for increased efficiency

Alcoa has created a new aluminium and alumina division and a new global extruded products business in a move to better align itself with global packaging markets.

Del Monte uses packaging against commodification

Del Monte is to package fresh produce in containers made from the corn-based plastic NatureWorks PL, a move that is designed to portray fruit as a processed product rather than...

End in sight for Germany's deposit system

The EU Commission's announcement this week that Germany will be referred to the European Court of Justice unless it establishes an effective, simple and non-discriminatory deposit system for beverage packaging...

Huhtamaki European sales hit by rising costs

Finnish packaging giant Huhtamaki has reported flat sales figures in the third quarter of 2004 due to adverse currency translations and high raw material costs.

Art labels designed to shake up wine industry

A Californian wine producer is to package its products with labels designed by a contemporary artist as part of its strategy to change how the US wine industry operates.

Ciba plans plastic packaging innovations launch

Ciba has launched a number of innovative products for the plastics industry including environmentally friendly additives designed to increase the lifespan of plastic.