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Plus Pack launches tamper evident bowl in UK

A new 'tamper evident' bowl with a sealed lid, which can only be removed by breaking the tear flap and 'safety lock' on the packaging, offers food producers a better...

Tetra Pak launches versatile packing line worldwide

Tetra Pak has rolled out it's A3/Flex packaging line worldwide, claiming no other carton packaging line around can offer food producers the same versatility.

Food labelling schemes a recipe for confusion, claims lawyer

Voluntary food labelling schemes could lead to greater confusion among consumers at a time when the EU is debating how best to harmonise regulations across the bloc, argues an industry...

RFID label tracks product temperature

A newly developed label from KSW Microtec will enable food firms to more closely monitor the temperature of their products on the journey from production line to consumer, its inventor...

Research indicates aluminium safe for microwave

Aluminium foil packaging can be used safely in microwave ovens according to an industry study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV.

Biodegradable zipper hits centre stage

Zip-Pak will feature a new line of degradable zippers at the upcoming Anuga Food Tec exhibition this April in Cologne.

Treofan steps up development of biodegradable film

The Treofan Group has transferred the production and development of its biodegradable packaging film to Germany from a plant in France.

Torque tester gets the right fit

A new series of torque testers offers a cheaper method of testing seals at bottling plants, food and beverage companies and testing laboratories, the manufacturer claims.

BASF develops tougher version of Styrolux packaging

A tougher version of BASF's Styrolux Styrene-Butadiene Copolymer (SBC) will help manufacturers of food service and packaging products make more durable packging while reducing costs, the company claims.

ADM jumps into biodegradable plastic market

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) has jumped into the growing market for biodegradable plastic, saying yesterday it will start production of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) in a joint venture with a biotechnology company.

Pouch paper alternative to aluminum-based materials

A new pouch barrier paper provides food companies with an aluminium-free packaging alternative to films and foil.

Fastest aseptic filling machine goes global

Tetra Pak yesterday announced the global availability of what it claims is the fastest aseptic filling machine for family packages available worldwide.

Barrier coating for plastic bottles extends shelf life say inventors

A new barrier coating for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and polypropylene (PP) offers a better method of extending the shelf life of beverages than is currently available according to the inventors...

New packaging products boost processors' markets

The impact innovative packaging can have on a food processors' market is demonstrated through this roundup of recent products, which features Amcor's antimist system and RPC's squeezable bottle.

Biodegradable packaging moving into the mainstream

Corn is the operative word in packaging today, with more and more processors turning to biodegradable materials made from the crop and other plants for packing their food products.

System automates pallet de-stacking process

A "pioneering" pallet de-stacking system automates the process, making it quicker, simpler and safer according to Sealed Air.

Consumer groups slam food industry labelling initiative

The UK food industry has been slammed by consumer groups for its rejection of an industry-wide colour-coded labelling scheme, just as consultation on a voluntary front of pack labelling scheme...

New polypropylene expands packaging options

A new polypropylene released on the market this week offers a combination of low temperature resistance, stiffness and heat resistance packaging for an expanded range of foods, its manufacturer claims.

Hygienic paperboard designed to meet food safety demands

A clay-coated, bleached white paperboard designed to meet food safety requirements offers companies another option when choosing packaging material for their products.

UK regulator publishes draft law on plastic packaging

Draft regulations to implement the EU's new law on food contact materials, relaxing limits on the migration from packaging into food of some epoxies.

Blow-moulding process makes lighter PET bottles

A new blow-moulding technology allows beverage makers to downgauge their PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottles, thus saving on packaging costs.

Parliament adopts legislation deregulating packaging sizes

The European Parliament yesterday approved legislation deregulating package sizes for most pre-packed products, but excluding staple beverages and foods.

Tetra Pak to use stronger, thinner polymer pack

Tetra Pak has started the worldwide rollout of a stronger but thinner polymer packaging for liquid products, promising companies it will help them cut costs and meet recycling standards.

Mobile dispenser can be used on multiple production lines

A mobile dispenser used for inserting pouches of desiccant, silica gel and oxygen absorbers into packets of food can be used on multiple production lines.

Film eases process of making stand up pouches

A co-extruded polyester film makes it easier to make stand-up food pouches, the manufacturer claims.

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