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Making a mark: Videojet laser codes on plastic and metal packaging

By Jenni Spinner+


The Videojet 7510 fiber laser can mark on plastic and metal packaging in high-speed operations.
The Videojet 7510 fiber laser can mark on plastic and metal packaging in high-speed operations.

The Videojet 7510 fiber laser is designed to mark a range of packaging materials, including plastics and metals.

Videojet Technologies has launched the 7510, a 50-W fiber laser marking system for marking different materials. The machine is designed for high-speed manufacturing operations looking to code packaging with traceability information such as expiration dates, lot information, batch information, and other critical data.

Competitive environment

Markus Vetter, laser business manager for Videojet Technologies, said the fiber laser provides the combination of speed, accuracy, and performance required in competitive production environments.

It brings a combination of power, spot size, and choice of marking fields to deliver a significant increase in marking speed and throughput,” he said.

Vetter added the 7510 is engineered to be faster and provide a higher-quality beam than other lasers. The capability enables the laser to be used on a wider range of materials, with greater accuracy, than competitive products.

Marking materials

According to the manufacturer, the laser can be used to code on a variety of robust materials, including plastics such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polypropylene (PPE) and nylon. It also can be used to mark on metals, including aluminum and stainless steel.

In addition to working at high speeds, the 7510 fiber laser is said to offer a large marking window of up to 498 mm, which gives equipment a longer period to engage a moving product during the marking process. Also, the marking unit is  more compact than competitive units and Videojet’s predecessor, which reportedly makes it easier to integrate in packaging lines.

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