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Novus unveils ‘stronger’ packaging design


Novus International announces new packaging design

Novus International is to start manufacturing a new packaging design this month which they claim is stronger and helps reduce product loss.

The initial run of the packages will be manufactured at their plant in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The bags are made from a composite material that is more durable and holds up better, reducing damage from shipping and handling, claim Novus.

MHA feed supplement will be the first product and all newly manufactured product will be packaged in the new bags by October, said Larry Stoller, from Novus International.

The time-table for packaging other products in the new bags is yet to be determined; however, it will begin following the transition period of MHA. This will take some time, however eventually all Novus products will be packaged in the newly designed bags.”

Stoller said they looked for input from customers worldwide with the main feedback being with the integrity of the bags.

“Novus shipped bags containing product throughout the world and measured various metrics including the bags being torn, cut, damaged, opened, etc.

“The results/feedback were very positive, as the new bags withstood the rigors of shipping and handling.”

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