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Top 10 US (mid-sized metros) Food Processing employers

Fresno, CA is the food processing king, followed by Omaha-Council Bluffs and Lancaster, York, according to a Top 10 list of mid-sized US Food Processing employers, compiled by Business Facilities,...

Nebraska Beef pays $200k penalty for unfair employment practices

The US Department of Justice has reached a $200k settlement with Nebraska Beef, meat processing and packaging company, based in Omaha, Nebraska, for unfair employment practices. 

Co-authors include Nestle, Coca-Cola, Tetra Pak

ILSI Europe launches guidance on best practices on the risk assessment of NIAS in food contact materials

A clear description of what NIAS (Non Intentionally Added Substances) are and how the risk assessment should be performed for the many different types of NIAS that exist is missing,...

Technology trends: HPP most important food technology – now and in the future

High pressure processing (HPP) will be the most commercially important food processing technology for European industry in the next ten years, according to new data. 

Praxair unveils sanitary version of oxygen stripping system

Praxair will show its dissolved oxygen control process at InterBev which features a new sanitary design.

Air Products will supply second oxy-fuel combustion system to glass maker

Air Products has signed another deal with Techpack Solutions to convert a furnace from air-fuel to its oxy-fuel combustion technology.

Tyson Foods shuts plant with loss of 400 jobs

Tyson Foods has closed a plant in Iowa with the loss of 400 jobs because there is too much beef production capacity in the region.

Campden BRI recognised by NSA as a bakery industry specialist

Campden BRI has received formal approval as a Centre of Excellence for Food Science and an Industry Specialist in Bakery, by the National Skills Academy (NSA).

Improved overall operational efficiency

Paradise Tomato Kitchens deploys Aptean’s Factory MES to gain more visibility over three processing plants

Paradise Tomato Kitchens has improved its overall operational efficiency by installing Aptean’s Factory MES to gain more visibility over three processing plants; two in Louisville KY, and one in Los...

World’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler to be created by merger of three European operations

The world’s largest independent Coca-Cola bottler, Coca-Cola European Partners, will be formed by the merger of Coca-Cola Enterprises, Coca-Cola Iberian Partners and Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke.

Scientists create food powder from waste, increasing shelf life from two weeks to two years

Three students from Lund University in Sweden have set up a business called Fopo (freeze dried food powder) buying expired fruit and vegetables and turning it into food powder to...

Bio-on and Cristal Union to open ‘World first’ advanced biopolymer plant as TerraVerdae BioWorks scales up commercial production of its PHA Bioplastics

Bio-on and Cristal Union have partnered to create France's first facility for the production of PHAs bioplastic from sugar beet co-products, in the same week TerraVerdae BioWorks announced it will...

GEA acquires Italian mozzarella and pizza cheese equipment firm CMT

GEA has acquire CMT, an Italian company that specialises in equipment for the production of mozzarella and pizza cheese.

'A Day in the Life' of female biogas technician Kelly Hawkins, Oakey Beef

Friday Feature: ‘Being a biogas technician at a wastewater treatment plant of an abattoir isn’t exactly the most glamorous job 24-year-old women dream of...’

Kelly Hawkins, biogas technician at Oakey Beef Exports in Queensland, is driving the world's-first green energy plant hailed as a model for food waste processing worldwide.

Blendhub Corp. to open 40 factories in the next 3 years as processed food sales reach $8tn in 2016

Blendhub Corp. has set up its third Portable Powder Blending plant (PPB) in Mexico, after Spain and India, as it plans to open 40 factories in the next three years...

Breakthrough discovery for lowering arsenic in rice

Researchers at Queen’s University Belfast have made a breakthrough discovery in lowering levels of arsenic in rice.

Potential to increase machine uptime and reduce operating costs

ExxonMobil releases 5 Point Plan for F&B machinery grease selection

‘Informed lubricant choices can improve equipment efficiency and reduce maintenance costs but grease selection is often an overlooked aspect of industrial production, according to ExxonMobil.

Liquid Light to create MEG from CO2 for The Coca-Cola Company PlantBottle Packaging Program

Liquid Light has signed an agreement with The Coca-Cola Company for its technology to create mon-ethylene glycol (MEG) from CO2 as part of the consumer-packaged goods (CPG) firm PlantBottle Packaging...

Sidel to change the way it manufactures bottles from high pressure blowing to ‘blow and form’, which uses lower pressure

Sidel claims the beverage industry could be more sustainable, with a stronger focus on the package and packaging technologies to deliver completely green products.

Special edition: Product Inspection

Thermo Fisher sees shifting preference toward fresh versus packaged food

Thermo Fisher Scientific is seeing a shifting preference toward fresh versus packaged food which means a growing number of its customers (food processors) will need inspection equipment that is specifically...

Special edition: Product Inspection

Tomra: ‘Emerging BRICS markets provide opportunities but very different challenges’

Tomra Sorting has launched three products to market in the last three months as it claims the emerging BRICS markets provide new opportunities but also very different challenges.

Manufacturers 'ignoring' the energy value of dairy production residues: Clearfleau

Many manufacturers are “ignoring” the energy value of dairy production residues, says British anaerobic digestion specialist, Clearfleau.

PacMoore Products opens extrusion processing pilot facility as it moves into South America and Middle East markets

PacMoore Products, a US food-grade dry ingredient contract processing and packaging firm, has opened the PacMoore Innovation Lab.

Flushing and cleaning prior to filling a plant with virgin heat transfer fluid

Two scientists have created a best practice case study for filling a HTF (Heat Transfer Fluid) system, commissioned by a company in Scandinavia, designed to hold 100 metric tons of...

Eco-proof: Ultrasound bread proofing tech close to commercialization

A handful of bakeries and institutes across the EU are testing a novel proofing system that can slash energy consumption by 60% using ultrasound generated water droplets instead of steam.

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