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Modular approach to ERP maximizes visibility into processes

Dominion Liquid Technologies boosts efficiency, compliance with cloud ERP system

Five months after implementing a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform from Plex Systems, it’s too early for Dominion Liquid Technologies (DLT) to have quantitative data on how the software...

Nestlé Wagner Pizza software provider opens Netherlands branch

Object Solutions software company, which works with Wagner Pizza (Nestlé), Chocolat Bernrain and R&R Ice Cream, has opened a branch in Gouda, the Netherlands to expand its market presence and...

Alchemy, Bettcher partner on program

Training boosts yield, productivity in meat and poultry processing plants

Training provider Alchemy has teamed up with protein processing equipment maker Bettcher Industries to create a program to train plant employees in best practices for operating power trimmers.

Vacuum flour transfer can improve dough, says OAL Group

Bakers must consider carefully how flour is moved from silos to mixers because this stage is critical to dough consistency and overall baking quality, says an OAL Group engineer.

Personality of the Year 2014: 'When you’re working for the EU it has to be innovative'

Jan-Willem Van der Kamp from TNO has been voted as BakeryandSnacks’ Personality of the Year 2014 for his leadership on HealthBread - an EU project to develop healthier breads.

Taking over plant that was closed last summer

Oregon meat processor BrucePac brings jobs to Oklahoma

Searching for a manufacturing plant to support its growing business led Oregon meat processor BrucePac to Durant, Oklahoma, where it found both a suitable facility and an experienced workforce....

Relocation brings HQ closer to manufacturing site

Kentucky HPP'd business: Avure opens headquarters, R&D lab

Avure Technologies has opened a headquarters in Erlanger, Kentucky (outside Cincinnati, Ohio).

Aseptic packaging systems trump hot fill for environmental impact

Aseptic Packaging systems generally have a lower environmental impact than hot fill systems – mainly due to the latter’s use of heavier PET bottles.

GEA strikes potato starch drying deal ahead of EU CAP changes

GEA Barr-Rosin has partnered with Polish market company, GEA Process Engineering to supply PEPEES Group in Poland with a potato starch drying system including cabling, drying, sifting, cooling, conveying, silo...

General Mills closures continue: Two Pillsbury plants to shut

General Mills will continue its cost-saving program across the US and Canada with further plant closures, announcing the shutdown of two Pillsbury production sites.

Award-winning cheese processor installs Integreater to capture and track live stock data

Butlers Farmhouse Cheeses has partnered with Systems Integration to install its Integreater production management software.

Company added one production line, 16 jobs

Tyson beefs up Emporia facility, slims down inefficient capacity

Tyson Foods has begun the New Year by getting its manufacturing operations in shape. The US’s second-largest food processor recently concluded a line expansion at its prepared foods plant in...

Researchers create robot that pulls breast fillets from chickens… and turkeys are next

Researchers at SINTEF, an independent research organisation in Scandinavia, have built a robot called Gribbot to extract breast fillets from chickens, normally done by human hands.

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Horner departs Cargill Meat Solutions to head Midland University

Jody Horner, president of Cargill Meat Solutions, is leaving the company to become president of Midland University in Fremont, Nebraska.

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W. R. Grace and Milliken combine to deliver differentiated resin portfolios

W. R. Grace & Co. and Milliken & Company are partnering to enable polypropylene (PP) manufacturers to develop differentiated resin portfolios.

SurePure initiates commercial photopurification trials at Indian dairies

SurePure has initiated commercial trials of its photopurification technology with "key dairy producers" in India.

dispatches from Emballage 2014, Paris

Adept targets food and packaging growth

Adept has said it wants to grow its mobile robot business in food and packaging to make a new type of industry.

Family-owned business seeks green grail

Vegan visionaries build plant to LEED Platinum standards

Only a handful of food processors worldwide are so committed to sustainability as to have built a facility that qualifies for the highest level of certification in the LEED (Leadership...

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Leeds Vacuum Formers increases capacity by 25%

Leeds Vacuum Formers (LVF), a UK-based thermoformed packaging firm, has spent £530k in total on a Kiefel thermoforming machine and a Siropack padding line, increasing capacity by 25%.

Leak contained, production resumed within hours

Ammonia leak at Tyson plant sends 25 employees to hospital

An ammonia leak at a Tyson Foods plant in Rogers, Arkansas caused 25 employees to seek medical attention at local hospitals and 250 people to be temporarily evacuated from the plant.

Treofan combines hot slip properties with packaging film processed up to 60°C

BOPP film producer Treofan has created film types HNA, HND and HLD which can be processed at temperatures of up to 60°C (140°F) at the forming collar.

dispatches from Emballage 2014, Paris

Rockwell: Intelligent track motion system offers downtime reduction

Changeover time between processes can be cut when using an intelligent track motion solution instead of traditional rotary chains, belts and gears, according to Rockwell Automation.

Dispatches from Emballage 2014, Paris

ABB promises food-grade variants of robots

ABB has said food-grade and ISO 4 versions of its latest family of robots will be available next year.

ConAgra Foods celebrates $150m potato processing plant upgrade

Lamb Weston/Meijer, a joint venture between US-based ConAgra Foods Lamb Weston and Netherlands-based Meijer Frozen Food, has invested $150m to upgrade its potato processing plant in Bergen op Zoom, The...

Local Foods, Local Places supports food-focused economic development

White House selects communities to develop local food projects in 19 states

Six US federal agencies have jointly announced the 26 communities selected to participate in Local Foods, Local Places, an initiative providing technical support to integrate local food systems into community...

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