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Achieve Maximum Efficiency in the Thermoform Packaging Process

Published: 29-Nov-2012 | Format: Webinar | Document type: Supplier Webinar
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The efficiency of the thermoform packaging process can be optimized through different drivers along the packaging process. 
First driver is the reduction of downtimes of the packaging machine which can be achieved on the one hand through a fast packaging format changeover and on the other hand through a fast troubleshooting. 
Second driver is the optimization of the packaging process itself. Automation of the processes plays an important role but also the ease of use of the packaging machine. A user friendly HMI helps the operating personnel to optimize the processes. 
Third driver is the reduction of energy consumption of the packaging machine. The substitution of pneumatic drives through servo driven units helps to improve the energy balance of the packaging machine. 
Last but not least, the improvement of the production quality has a direct influence on operational efficiency. Different quality inspection systems can be integrated in the packaging process.


  • Natalie Schmid

    Natalie Schmid

    Product Manager Thermoforming Packaging Machines


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