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Safety & Regulation

Food safety and regulation covers everything from equipment and hygiene to legislation, HACCP, alerts and scares carrying plant implications, recalls, software, sensors, control management and cleaning.

Mum finds blade in baby food packaging

A supermarket has issued a nationwide recall of its Baby Macro Organic Tomato Chicken with Pasta Puree after a mother found a metal blade inside the packaging.

Are there gaps in your safety program?

red24assist has launched a web-based tool designed to enable food professionals to locate shortfalls in their safety programs.

FMI Connect links safety in the food supply chain

FMI Connect, the annual food event, is focusing on technology and services that increase the safety of food across the supply chain.

Ammonia leak injures three Farmland workers

An ammonia leak at a Farmland Foods pork processing facility has injured three employees, one seriously.

RGF recommends air offense against food pathogens

Sanitizing surfaces to eradicate food pathogens is only half the battle, according to one expert; airborne pathogens also must be dealt with for a safe food supply.

Dry-ice blasting stops food pathogens cold

Continental Carbonic promises a way to clean food production equipment with less water and faster results than conventional methods.

Natural coating gives fruit a berry long shelf life

Researchers at Oregon State University have discovered a material found in blueberry leaves can be used to coat the berries themselves, delivering longer shelf life, boosted antioxidants, and pathogen protection.

Breaking News

Worker burns feet in Ardagh Glass leak

Two workers at Ardagh Glass have been treated for smoke inhalation and one for burns to his feet after a leak during a routine maintenance at a molten glass plant.

Sick: Manufacturers demand more intelligence on their sensors

Sick has re-released its LMS511 Bulkscan laser scanner with more accessories for easier maintenance.

Guest article

Food safety compliance amid a complicated supply chain

‘As consumers lead increasingly active, on-the-go lifestyles, demand for convenient meals continues to grow and drive opportunity for ready-to-eat (RTE) and prepared foods manufacturers.

GEA sustainability: ‘We took a risk, that’s for sure’

GEA has decided to focus only on natural refrigerants as part of its future development, but admitted ‘it was a risk’.

Group sues USDA to act on antibiotic-resistant Salmonella

A watchdog group is suing to get the agency to treat anti-biotic resistant strains of Salmonella as adulterants in meat.

Portable detector sniffs out spoiled food

PERES, a portable app-based device, tests meat and poultry for freshness, sounding an alert when spoilage is detected.

Producer takes swift action in 7-ton hummus recall

A hummus producer explains the company’s quick reaction to a positive Listeria test and lessons learned in its first-ever recall.

Ammonia leak shutters produce plant

A produce processing plant has evacuated more than 100 staff, and sent 14 to the hospital, due to a possible ammonia leak.

3M’s Petrifilm celebrates 30th anniversary

Food safety is increasing in China and India

The awareness of food safety in general is increasing, especially in developing countries, according to 3M.

60-second interview: The day job

What do you do? Sam Millar, director of technology, Campden BRI

As part of FoodProductionDaily’s ongoing series of 60-second interviews with the movers and shakers of the food and beverage industry, we caught up with Sam Millar, director of technology, Campden...

Listeria woes behind 7-ton hummus recall

Food processing firm Lansal is voluntarily recalling hummus manufactured for Target and Trader Joe’s due to Listeria concerns.

USP: Food fraud should get its own class

The US Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) submitted a public comment letter to the FDA urging it to revisit its strategy for addressing economically motivated adulteration (EMA) of food ingredients, noting that...

Weigh in on FDA food import rules

Food firms only have a few more days to weigh in on a rule requires companies to give a heads up on imported edibles; an expert from SGS offers advice...

Detectable items more important than ever: Detectamet

With food safety for at the forefront of producers’ minds, interest in detectable products for production zones has soared in recent years, according to UK-based company Detectamet.

Kraft recalls 1.2m cases of cottage cheese

Cottage cheese under the Kraft Foods brand umbrella is being voluntarily recalled after ingredients were discovered to be stored outside of safe temperature parameters.

60-second interview: The day job

What do you do? Katie Moore, GE Intelligent Platforms

The 60-Second Interview is an ongoing FoodProductionDaily series, in which we meet with top food and beverage industry leaders to hammer out important issues; here, we catch up with Katie...

EFSA MGMT BOARD: "Bernhard will ...provide Europe with the best scientific advice to protect consumers from food-related risks..."

EFSA confirms Bernard Url as new chief

Doctor Bernhard Url is the new chief of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) after its management board confirmed the acting-chief as its next executive director this week.

Interpack 2014

China is developing low cost machines quicker than ever

Loma Systems biggest challenge is competition in China and across Asia where manufacturers are developing low cost machines at a higher output rate than before.