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Thermo Electron unveils online database for scientists

By staff reporter , 03-Mar-2006

Thermo Electron Corporation, the market leader in analytical instrumentation, has launched a new catalogue that help scientists analyse food and drink samples faster.

The firm said the catalogue, which offers potential customers easy viewing of FT-IR and Raman spectral libraries, would be especially useful to scientists analysing unknown samples in labs.

This is because the catalogue details large and comprehensive collections of compounds including the most common chemicals found in the Aldrich Handbook of Fine Chemicals and the Sigma Biochemical Condensed Phase Library.

Several industry-specific compounds, such as those for petroleum products, food and fragrance production, are included.

Thermo, together with the release of the catalogue, has also unveiled a newly revised format of the and websites, which offer instant online access to more than 71,000 FT-IR and almost 16,000 Raman spectra using a standard web browser.

The libraries are available in a flexible pay-as-you-go format.

Thermo claimed it was the only FT-IR and Raman vendor that fully develops, sells, services and offers online access to its own library collections to aid analysis.

The group added that it assists customers when they need new libraries to expand their research or have questions regarding spectra or searching techniques.

Data in each library is specifically designed to work with Thermo's FT-IR and Raman instruments and software out-of-the-box without the need to buy or install extra software.

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