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Avure Technologies: Food Safety Assurance and More - Now for Small/Medium Processors


In today’s climate of food safety awareness, competition and economic challenges, food processors are seeking to gain sustainable competitive advantage, manage profitability, deliver safe products, and meet customer demand.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) from Avure eliminates food borne pathogens and spoilage organisms to enable creation of products with a shelf life twice as long as with other processes. HPP, a post-package process, requires no heat or addition of chemicals or preservatives, enabling products that are safe, have reduced sodium and a longer shelf life, and are clean label.

The new Avure QFP 100-Liter 600, the next logical step in the evolution of the Avure HPP family, processes over $2 billion (US) of food products worldwide, including RTE meats, fresh cut fruits/vegetables and juices, deli salads, dips, soups, salsas and guacamole products. The smaller-footprint 100-Liter system with affordable price point is perfect for small/medium-volume or seasonal processors that want to add this important layer of food safety protection, extend the shelf-life of their products, forego the use of preservatives, or develop new food applications. It is designed to generate the highest throughput possible at that size, with production rates of 28,000 pounds (13,000 kilos) over a 20-hour workday possible.

Avure offers total solutions for HPP, with a wide product line, deep food science expertise, the industry’s highest reliability and performance, and lowest cost of ownership.