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Doy style stand-up pouch for snacks and soups presents serious challenges for coding

‘Offline coders are quietly handling the awkward jobs that would otherwise hold up production.

Laugh if you want, but the food supply is safer than ever

The satirical specialists at The Onion might make food recall jokes at the expense of the FDA, but the safety of the US food supply is seriously better than ever.

Halal: Out of certification chaos comes criticism (and Islamophobia?)

The sensationalist media coverage around so called ‘stealth halal’ is only fuelled by the lack of certification harmonisation, Food Navigator’s Annie-Rose Harrison-Dunn argues.

Food Safety Summit outbreak is no laughing matter

People all over social media are having a field day with the news of a foodborne illness striking a food safety event—but pathogens are no joke.

Is the Food Safety Summit worth the trip?

The Food Safety Summit is just one of an astounding amount of food events dedicated to sanitation, quality, testing, and other industry issues—examining the show's features can help weigh the benefits of attending.

The Packaging Conference: Is it worth the trip?

Insights from Pepsico, Kraft, Coca-Cola, and other industry players add to the value of The Packaging Conference.

Can Heinz catch up after a rough 2013?

After multiple shifts in management, HJ Heinz hopes its leadership team can help the company recoup, and prevent rival condiment purveyors from gaining ground.

New York wages war on EPS food packaging

Outgoing New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is gunning for a ban on EPS food containers before he leaves office January 1.

McDonald's says goodbye to Heinz

McDonald’s is dropping Heinz as its main Ketchup supplier after working together for 40 years.

FDA back to work post-shutdown

Slashed in half by the US government shutdown, the full workforce of the FDA is back on the job.

Do consumers hate your food packaging?

Badly designed food packaging does more than frustrate—it can hurt your bottom line.

Who's winning the war over BPA?

Packaging organizations are on the march to spread the word about BPA's safety, but is it enough to stem the tide of anti-chemical sentiment?

Desperate career move as tennis ace champions candy brand?

I was shocked to learn tennis ace, Maria Sharapova, will change her name to Sugarpova to promote her own candy brand – what is she thinking?

Lab grown meat? Surely it's a matter of taste...

I think everybody agrees that in vitro production of meat could have big potential in solving world hunger. But the technology will not be to everybody's tastes ... and until the technical challenges of flavour are addressed I imagine it will be to nobody's tastes!

FoodNavigator predicts top five industry drivers in 2013

As the New Year dawns, FoodNavigator predicts the top five factors likely to be the biggest drivers of the European food industry in the year ahead.

Another week, another class action: Has ‘all-natural’ become too risky a claim?

Barely a week goes by without another food company being challenged in court over its use of the word ‘natural’ – and it’s just a matter of time before the claim loses its front-and-center on-pack appeal.

EU researchers revolted as EFSA clears health claims vault

The European Food Safety Authority last week delivered the fifth batch of article 13, general function health claim opinions bringing the total issued to 2723. There are just 35 to go – to be published next month in a final mini-batch that will conclude the task begun in August 2008.

Risk, rationality and that schizophrenic beast called the food industry

If the food industry wants journalists and consumers to get real about risk, then it has to get real too.

Bisphenol A in can linings – a storm is brewing

Is the tidal wave of concern over bisphenol A (BPA) that swept away polycarbonate baby bottles containing the chemical about to cause similar mayhem in the food and beverage can sector?

Novel foods progress may mean removing clones

All is not well down on the novel foods farm. If food innovation in Europe is to thrive anew, MEPs and the Council need to get past the recriminations over the failed talks and remove the troublesome question of cloned foods from the negotiating table.

Too early to start praising PepsiCo for new plant bottle

The new PepsiCo plant bottle appears to tick all the “green” boxes for a disposable drinks bottle but the innovation should not be taken too seriously until it arrives on shelves.

Women. The most wasted resource in food production

Today is Pancake Day. It is also International Women’s Day. An important date, then, not just for food lovers in countries where Mardi Gras is a big deal, but a day to consider the role – and the potential – of women involved in food provision all over the world.

The balancing act of allergen labelling

The food industry has a responsibility to label allergenic ingredients as big and bold as they can – but also not to over-egg the slimmest of slim possibilities that a trace amount of an allergen may have slipped into a product.

Arab Revolt underlines the need for action to remedy high food prices

When Tunisian street vegetable vendor Mohamed Bouazizi chose to end his life in fiery suicide, no one could have foreseen the firestorm his death would unleash across the Arab world. But, two months later, as the Arab Revolt shows no sign of fading, the lessons to be drawn about food security are becoming abundantly clear.

Why local foods systems are an opportunity for industry

The food industry should not rage against the idea of professionalised local food systems, nor unleash its lobbying force to uproot them before their green shoots can reach maturity. Rather, it should explore ways to benefit from local foods and, in turn, foster their development.

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