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Detection and deboning equipment to showcase at Anuga

By staff reporter , 17-Feb-2009
Last updated on 17-Feb-2009 at 16:36 GMT2009-02-17T16:36:48Z

S+S Separation and Sorting Technology has announced that it has further developed the design of its GLS tunnel metal detectors to ensure greater compliance with hygiene standards.

The Germany-based manufacturer said it will be showcasing the enhanced equipment at the upcoming Anuga Foodtec trade fair.

Hermann Sammer, development manager for metal detectors at S+S, told that the redesign of the detector was customer led, with the detectors now featuring a slanted top side so that cleaning water can run off of this ‘roof’ without any obstacles.

The metal detectors are targeted at the food processing sector and are designed for the inspection of bulk materials or of individually packed products on a conveyor belt, a material chute, or a vibrating conveyor.

The detectors closed design guarantees highest metal sensitivity in the complete tunnel area, claims Sammer.

He said that the metal detectors also come with a new GENIUS+ Control Unit comprising evaluation board, controller board, and operation panel.

According to Sammer, the control units determine the performance features of a metal detector or separator, and the response that is to be taken when an unwanted metal particle is found in the product flow.

“As an option the controller board furthermore provides standard interfaces such as Ethernet, WLAN, USB, Profibus, or RS232/RS485, which in turn are a basic prerequisite for Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) compliant documentation and evaluation,” he added.

Marel Food Systems and Stork Food Systems said that they are joining forces at the trade show in Cologne to provide food manufacturers with “a one-stop approach designed to meet all their processing needs.”

The equipment manufacturers said that a shared culture of innovation allows them to focus on the key issues in the industry, such as food safety, automation, yield, traceability and product inspection.

The new Marel M-Check RF8A checkweigher, developed for the wet food industry, will be launched at the show, said the company. According to Marel, the weigher has an open, hygienic and sturdy construction.

The two companies said that they will also be showcasing equipment for the portioning of meat dough into end product, deboning technology for better yield, as well as machinery for the monitoring and collection of data on yield, throughput and quality of meat throughout the entire processing cycle.

In addition, a fat analyser for accurate on-line measurement of beef, pork and veal will be presented, said the processing equipment suppliers; they claim the analyser makes a continuous measurement of the meat as it leaves the grinder, thus saving time on laboratory tests and ensuring correct batch values.

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