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Grenier seals the deal with reclosable pâté packaging

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By Jenni Spinner+

Last updated on 21-Jul-2014 at 12:00 GMT2014-07-21T12:00:58Z

Neoplanta has revamped the packaging of its meat and fish pâtés to extend product shelf life.
Neoplanta has revamped the packaging of its meat and fish pâtés to extend product shelf life.

Neoplanta’s Patelina meat and fish pates pâtés have been launched in resealable, shelf-life extending cups, designed by Grenier Packaging International.

Neoplanta has revamped the packaging on its Patelina meat and fish pâté products. The containers now come in resealable cups with barrier properties, extending shelf life for consumers purchasing the products in various Southeastern Europe markets.

Improved shelf life

Kenneth Boldog, head of Division K for Greiner Packaging International, said the updated packaging improves upon the previous aluminum packaging and delivers extended shelf life for pâté fans in Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, and Macedonia.

Previously, Patelina meat and fish pâtés were packaged in  aluminum containers or cans; they had to be consumed very soon after opening the packaging,” he said. "Our new packaging makes it possible to reseal, preserve, and enjoy it in several stages.”

Packaging composition

The barrier cups each hold 90 grams of product; according to the manufacturer, the revamped packages offer extended shelf life by guarding the pâtés against oxidation and preventing the contents from drying out. Grenier Packaging International uses a proprietary combination of plastic materials and production technology; the cups are thermoformed, and the lids are injection molded.

Meat and fish pâtés are a common edible in Eastern Europe, and Neoplanta is one of the most popular pâté producers. Owned by food firm Nelt, the Neoplanta brand is one of the oldest food brands in Serbia, dating back to 1885.

Today, meat company Neoplanta produces approximately 85 different products and employs approximately 700 staffers. Eight different flavors of Neoplanta pâté currently are available: ham, salmon, liver, chicken, chicken with herbs, turkey, tuna, and tuna with corn.

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It would be interesting to know if the packaging process includes any gas-flushing to reduce specific gas levels not desired in the final head space of the container. such as a low O2 or CO2 level. At MAP Systems we have the answer for doing this if necessary and can integrate to almost any OEM equipment.

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Posted by Rich Bause
09 September 2014 | 16h082014-09-09T16:08:40Z

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